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PowerToFly: Transforming Talent Acquisition

Cutting-edge platform fostering diversity in talent acquisition, celebrates a significant milestone today
February 23, 2024

In a bold move towards diversifying the workforce, PowerToFly, a pioneering platform in diversity talent acquisition, proudly announces a significant milestone today: the expansion of its candidate profiles in its cutting-edge diversity recruiting software, PowerPro, to over 17 million.

This remarkable growth signifies a monumental opportunity for organizations striving to foster inclusivity and build workplaces that reflect the diverse fabric of today's society. With PowerPro's innovative AI-driven Match feature complementing its vast talent pool, recruiters now have the tools to efficiently attract, hire, and engage top talent seamlessly.

PowerPro's proprietary AI Matching software empowers recruiters to swiftly generate customized lists of candidates whose profiles align closely with their open positions. Leveraging a database of over 17 million underrepresented profiles, PowerPro streamlines the hiring process, challenging the conventional notion of a pipeline problem.

Milena Berry, CEO, and Co-founder of PowerToFly, emphasizes the transformative impact of their technology: "With standout technology, we're debunking the decades-old myth that a lack of diverse candidates is caused by a pipeline problem." The software drastically reduces the time needed to curate diverse candidate pools, generating pipelines of 100 diverse profiles in seconds.

Beta clients have already lauded PowerPro for its role in driving successful diverse pipeline growth. Alexander Trusty, Global Diversity Sourcing Specialist at Moody's Corporation, praises the platform's unparalleled depth of filters, while Navjyot Kaur Sandhu, Senior Talent Advisor at SoftwareONE, hails it as a game-changer in talent acquisition.

This recent enhancement adds to PowerToFly's suite of solutions designed to revolutionize talent acquisition. Beyond PowerPro, the platform offers a range of services, including employer branding content creation, targeted events, virtual career fairs, and workforce engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training.

As organizations strive to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and foster diverse, inclusive workplaces, PowerToFly stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering underrepresented talent across all demographics.

Founded in 2014 by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski, PowerToFly is committed to fast-tracking economic equity by connecting underrepresented talent with opportunities in highly visible sectors. The platform welcomes allies and champions diversity across races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses, and gender identities.

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