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Prague's Keboola Secures $32M Series A for Global Expansion

The data maestro headquartered in the heart of Prague, has clinched a staggering $32 million in a Series A funding
December 6, 2023

In a dynamic move that echoes the accelerating pace of the tech landscape, Prague-based data preparation platform Keboola has successfully secured an impressive $32 million in a Series A funding round. This financial boost is not just about numbers; it's a strategic move to power Keboola's ambitious expansion plans slated for 2024, spanning across Continental Europe, the UK, and the US.

The funding crescendo, following a notable $5 million Seed round in late 2022, was orchestrated by leading US-based private equity firm Viking Global Investors. Noteworthy participants in this Series A round include Presto VenturesReflex CapitalTCF Capital, and a league of angel investors, with the prominent inclusion of Czechia's 13th wealthiest individual and Avast co-founder, Eduard Kučera.

In an era where the maxim "every company today is a technology company" holds sway, the linchpin is data. Yet, the caveat remains - data should be reliable, manageable, and, above all, accurate. This imperative gains even more gravity as AI-powered projects surge across industries. Enter Keboola, stepping onto the stage with a mission. The company's offering is a linchpin, aiding clients in capturing, analyzing, and unveiling pivotal information. This valuable data fuels internal analytics projects and data products, ranging from churn prediction and logistics flow to revenue prediction. Keboola asserts that data projects can be initiated with a single click, flexible and scalable as needs evolve.

The core essence of Keboola's automation prowess is to empower clients, a clientele featuring the likes of Czech/German retailer Rohlik Group, Publicis Groupe, Deloitte, Erste Group, BNP Paribas, and Allegro. The game plan? Elevate efficiency. Keboola aims to usher in a remarkable 10x acceleration in the speed of data engineering, simultaneously curbing costs.

Pavel Dolezal, the CEO of Keboola, articulates the company's impact, stating, "We have been gratified by the feedback we’ve received from our clients who feel they now have full control of their data and processes in ways they didn’t before." As the technological landscape evolves, Keboola positions itself at the forefront, anticipating continued demand for its platform, driven by burgeoning business AI initiatives.

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