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September 15, 2023

Q-Bot Secures Over £3.5 Million Investment to Revolutionize Home Insulation

A resounding endorsement for Q-Bot's vision, revolutionary robot technology to slash energy bills

In a significant development, London-based Q-Bot has announced a substantial injection of funding, exceeding £3.5 million. This fresh capital infusion, led by a consortium of private investors and family offices, includes prominent names such as EMV, a venture capital investor specializing in early-stage high-growth companies, Wealth Club, the UK's largest investment service for high net worth and seasoned investors, and Adjuvo, a London-based investment syndicate. This investment round builds upon the £1.6 million secured by Q-Bot in 2022.

The newly acquired funds are earmarked to fuel Q-Bot's expansion not only within the United Kingdom but also across continental Europe and the United States. This strategic investment follows a significant visit to Q-Bot's new headquarters and retrofit research center in London by Lord Callanan, the UK Energy Minister responsible for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance.

Professor Peter Childs FREng, Chair, and co-founder of Q-Bot expressed, "This investment is a strong endorsement of our work and recognition of the market opportunity that exists in the UK and overseas. Our customers, ranging from private individuals to energy suppliers and providers of social housing, are reassured by the comprehensive and professional approach that we take towards insulating homes, all while harnessing state-of-the-art robotics and AI."

Dr. Ilian Iliev, MD of EMV Capital and Investment Director of Q-Bot, added, "We are pleased to see Q-Bot close out this important fundraising. The company continues to make strong progress in scaling sales with its innovative use of robotics and artificial intelligence in the Construction Technology industry, particularly in the retrofit home insulation market. We look forward to witnessing its continued success as it expands beyond the UK market, with a keen focus on market entry in the US and EU."

John Kennedy, Chief Executive of Q-Bot, emphasized the company's promising trajectory, stating, "With this latest tranche of funding, the welcome endorsement that we have from our investors and the UK Government, the energy efficiency commitments in the UK and overseas, and the public sector funding available to do this, Q-Bot has a strong platform to become a major, mainstream player within the retrofit sector and insulation market."

Founded in 2012 by Tom Lipinski and Professor Peter Childs FREng, Q-Bot has pioneered technology that revolutionizes floor insulation. Their innovative approach is quick, hassle-free, and more cost-effective compared to traditional insulation methods. In the UK alone, Q-Bot's high-performance retrofit insulation holds the potential to insulate the 8-12 million homes with suspended floors that are challenging to treat using conventional insulation techniques. With over 200 homes benefiting from advanced insulation every month, Q-Bot is poised to make a tangible impact by reducing energy bills for homeowners.

Furthermore, Q-Bot's robot technology for floor insulation is endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and the Residential Property Surveyors Association. Notably, Lord Callanan, the UK Energy Minister, commended Q-Bot for its work in enhancing the energy efficiency of homes across the UK and for contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions—a crucial aspect of the journey towards achieving Net Zero emissions.

Independent tests conducted by Leeds Beckett University have revealed a remarkable 24% reduction in heat loss in homes equipped with Q-Bot insulation. This innovative solution is estimated to cut running costs for properties with heat pumps by as much as 30%, promising substantial energy savings for homeowners.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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