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January 19, 2024

QphoX Unveils €8 Million Quantum Leap Toward Global Quantum Internet

Into the quantum frontier, Dutch innovator QphoX has just unveiled a stellar €8 million funding round

In a groundbreaking stride towards the future, Dutch quantum computing trailblazer QphoX has declared an €8 million funding round that promises to catapult the quantum realm into unprecedented territories. With QDNL Participations leading the charge alongside contributors such as Quantum Delta NL, QuantWare, and the EIC Fund, this funding infusion propels QphoX into the next phase of its quantum journey. Brace yourselves as QphoX prepares to bring its innovative quantum products to market, ushering in a new era of commercial quantum computing.

Quantum computing, though still in its infancy, holds vast potential yet grapples with intricate challenges. QphoX, equipped with a team of experts including PhDs and a Nobel Prize winner, is navigating the complexities to make quantum computing commercially viable. With a gender-balanced and culturally diverse workforce of 20 individuals representing thirteen nationalities, QphoX is at the forefront of dismantling barriers in the quantum realm.

The heart of QphoX's mission lies in building the world's first quantum modem, a pivotal step towards realizing a quantum internet connecting quantum computers globally. Overcoming challenges related to quantum physics, QphoX's quantum transduction technology allows information translation between optical and microwave domains, bringing the dream of a true quantum internet closer to reality. Last year, the company showcased its breakthroughs in a peer-reviewed journal, Nature Nanotechnology.

As the lead investor, Chad Rigetti from QDNL Participations hails QphoX's quantum transduction as a groundbreaking capability that could redefine large-scale quantum computing and the quantum internet. QphoX's vision of creating networks of quantum computers, connected through room-temperature channels, opens avenues for distributed quantum computing and direct user access. With the latest funding injection, QphoX propels quantum computing towards practical applications, steering closer to a market projected to be worth €15-20 billion by 2030. The quantum revolution is not just on the horizon; it's knocking on the door of transformation.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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