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November 28, 2023

QuantumDiamonds Sparkles with €7 Million Seed Funding for Quantum Sensing

Munich-based quantum sorcery maestro, just pulled off a financial enchantment, securing a €7 million in seed funding

Step into the quantum frontier as Munich-based startup QuantumDiamonds dazzles the tech world with a remarkable €7 million seed funding triumph. Led by UK-based VC IQ Capital and pan-European VC Earlybird, known for backing N26 and UiPath, this funding spectacle also features contributions from Onsight Ventures, First Momentum, Creator Fund, UnternehmerTUM, and visionary angels from the semiconductor realm. A notable €4 million gleams from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator and the Bavarian state in grant funding. As QuantumDiamonds ushers in a new era of quantum sensing, the stage is set for a transformative journey.

Founded in 2022 by graduates from the Technical University of Munich—Kevin Berghoff, Fleming Bruckmaier, and Kristina Liu—QuantumDiamonds stands at the forefront of quantum innovation. Their forte lies in developing sensors that unlock non-destructive, nano-scale imaging of magnetic fields, powered by the wonders of man-made synthetic diamonds and nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. This groundbreaking approach ushers in a realm of sensing technology, enabling precision measurements at the atomic and molecular levels. Beyond the quantum realm, its applications extend across industries, from semiconductor manufacturing to medical diagnostics.

With a working prototype already in hand, QuantumDiamonds intends to use the €7 million funding injection to expand its quantum engineering team and march towards the creation of its inaugural commercial product. The company is currently flexing its quantum muscles, engaging with four of the world's top 10 semiconductor manufacturers in rigorous testing. Kevin Berghoff, Co-Founder and CEO at QuantumDiamonds, envisions a future where their quantum sensing platform breaks boundaries and catalyzes transformative advancements in various scientific disciplines.

As QuantumDiamonds navigates the quantum cosmos, the €7 million seed funding stands as a testament to its potential to redefine quality assurance in the semiconductor industry. With a mission to rival global counterparts and a united front of investors across Europe, QuantumDiamonds is poised to elevate Europe's innovation and technological supremacy. The symphony of quantum possibilities is only just beginning, and QuantumDiamonds holds the baton, ready to conduct transformative breakthroughs on a global scale.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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