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August 15, 2023

REGA Energy Group Secures €60M Funding to Drive Sustainable Innovation

Renewable Pioneer REGA Energizes with €60M Boost for its Investor SWEN Capital Partner

This time, the horizon of renewable energy is again illuminated by Portugal's very own REGA Energy Group. Steadfastly advancing its mission, the company has garnered a resounding vote of confidence from its existing investor, SWEN Capital Partners. This ringing endorsement comes as REGA concludes a €60 million funding round, fueling its relentless pursuit of transforming the energy landscape with biomethane and green hydrogen alternatives that challenge industry norms.

In an ecosystem where change is the clarion call, SWEN Capital Partners emerges as a stalwart supporter, reinforcing its unwavering faith in REGA's vision. As Olivier Aubert, Managing Director at SWEN Capital Partners, underscores, "We are thrilled to continue bolstering REGA's growth journey. From the inception of our initial investment, REGA has consistently demonstrated alignment with its business plan, blending a crystalline vision with robust customer engagement, top-tier governance, extensive industrial acumen, and a people-centric and pragmatic approach. This reinvestment speaks volumes about our confidence in the company's unwavering ambition and its remarkable capacity to execute."

In a bold proclamation of intent, REGA Energy Group's CFO, Filipa Abreu Teixeira, sets the stage for a promising future. The company envisions a remarkable investment spree, earmarking an impressive €500 million for renewable energy infrastructure within the next 24 months. The impact of this commitment reverberates across heavy industries, where sustainability and resilience are vital in the face of regulatory flux and global competition.

Navigating these waters is where REGA shines brightest. Thomas Carrier, CEO of REGA Energy Group, highlights the company's crucial role in facilitating the transformation of heavy industries. "Heavy industry is grappling with the dual challenge of embracing sustainability while navigating regulatory intricacies and global rivalry. REGA serves as a linchpin in converting this monumental challenge into a competitive advantage." Carrier emphasizes that this funding round will ignite REGA's journey towards financing its inaugural renewable projects and propelling further acceleration.

As REGA Energy Group paves the way for a sustainable future, it underscores that renewables are not just a fleeting trend but a dynamic force poised to redefine the energy panorama. With this latest funding milestone, REGA fuels its aspirations to reshape industries, cultivate resilience, and harness the power of green alternatives that hold the potential to rewrite the rules of energy engagement.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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