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Relay's $10 Million Boost: Redefining E-commerce Delivery in the UK

Brace yourselves for the big news: a stellar $10 million seed financing round has just been secured
By Josefina Dipaolo
November 24, 2023

In the bustling landscape of London's tech scene, Relay, a trailblazing tech-enabled delivery network, is about to rewrite the rules of e-commerce. Picture this: a $10 million seed financing round, led by European early-stage VC powerhouse Project A Ventures and Prologis Ventures, has just injected a surge of energy into Relay's mission to reshape how businesses navigate the e-commerce delivery labyrinth.

But this isn't just about capital; it's a strategic leap forward. Relay is gearing up to unfurl the first-ever purpose-built UK delivery network designed exclusively for e-commerce. This end-to-end parcel delivery service promises to revolutionize the entire delivery journey, from the heart of e-commerce retailers' warehouses to the eager hands of consumers awaiting their packages.

Founded in 2022 by Jonathan Jenssen and Nicole Mazza, Relay is not just another delivery service—it's a tech-first model engineered for efficiency, scalability, and unparalleled convenience. The game-changing approach involves a network of asset-free hyper-local partners, including urban pitstops and couriers, strategically positioned to minimize traditional logistics overheads. This means shedding the cumbersome depots and sorting centers of yesteryears, paving the way for quicker, more efficient, and sustainable parcel deliveries.

Already live in the vibrant streets of London, Relay is set to spread its wings across the UK over the next 12 months. With partnerships already inked with major e-commerce players like JD Group and THG, as well as renowned brands like Cult Beauty, MyProtein, Lookfantastic, and Glossybox, Relay is gearing up to annualize millions of deliveries by the year's end.

Relay's journey is more than a logistical evolution; it's a symphony bridging the gap between a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape and traditional delivery norms. As co-founder and CEO Jonathan Jenssen puts it, Relay is not just about speed and cost efficiency; it's a commitment to creating a delivery ecosystem where everyone benefits—retailers, end-customers, delivery drivers, and our planet. With Project A Ventures and Prologis Ventures backing this venture, Relay is poised to disrupt the parcel delivery landscape and redefine the e-commerce age. The delivery revolution is here, and Relay is leading the charge.

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