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December 19, 2023

Revolutionizing European Tech Investment, Partech Launches €360M Venture Fund

Paris-based tech juggernaut is back with a bang, unveiling its newest brainchild the €360 million Partech Venture Fund

In a strategic move defying economic challenges, renowned French tech VC, Partech, unfurls its latest venture, the €360 million Partech Venture fund. Building on the triumph of its previous €120 million seed fund, this new initiative aims to champion mission-critical software, data, and fintech experts across Europe.

Partech Venture has already secured €180 million, half of its formidable €360 million target. A formidable consortium of investors, including Allianz France, BNP Paribas, BPIfrance, and CDP Venture Capital, aligns with Partech's mission to support Series A / Series B stage European companies with recurring revenues ranging from €1 to €10 million.

This venture asserts its commitment to invest in 22 to 24 Series A / Series B stage European companies. With a focus on key themes such as Application Software, Deep Tech Software (Data & AI Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, DevOps), B2B & B2B2C Vertical Platforms, and Fintech & Insurtech Applications, Partech Venture aims to be a catalyst for digital transformation.

Partech Venture has already made its inaugural investment in Smartpricing, an Italian-based company specializing in revenue management software for hotels. With a €13 million Series A funding, Smartpricing is set to elevate its presence in the hospitality sector by expanding its team, launching new products, and solidifying its position in the software and fintech vertical.

Philippe Collombel, General Partner and co-founder of Partech, emphasizes continuity with experienced partners and a commitment to seeking promising category leaders. Reza Malekzadeh, General Partner, echoes the sentiment, underlining the vast market potential arising from the digital transformation of European enterprises and SMBs.

Partech Venture emerges as a formidable force in European tech investment, poised to steer the digital transformation journey for enterprises and SMBs. With a strategic focus and a commitment to empowering innovative companies, Partech Venture sets the stage for a new era in European tech investment.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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