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September 21, 2023

Revolutionizing Robotic Training for Efficiency and Safety

Defense technology innovation takes center stage as Munich-based startup ARX unveils its newest robot platform

In an era where static training environments prove inadequate for addressing real-world challenges, the need for innovative solutions is paramount. Munich-based defense tech startup ARX is stepping up to the plate, offering an off-the-shelf unmanned ground robot platform that promises to transform training, surveillance, and support in dynamic, realistic settings.

ARX recently secured €1.15 million in pre-seed funding in a round led by Project A Ventures. This injection of capital is set to propel the development of autonomous robotic platforms designed for dual-use scenarios, catering to both military and civilian applications. The funds will also fuel team expansion and technological advancements while scaling up production capabilities.

Marc Wietfeld, co-founder of ARX, envisions a future where autonomous robots redefine efficiency, safety, and 24/7 readiness across various domains. By delivering a cost-effective, versatile robotic platform capable of multifaceted roles, ARX aims to revolutionize the landscape, ultimately saving lives. The company has strategically assembled a diverse team of military, research, and industry experts to drive software and hardware solutions that significantly bolster Western Allies' capabilities.

Founded in 2021, ARX emerged as a spin-off from the GEREON research project at the German Armed Forces University in Munich. Specializing in autonomous unmanned systems for dual-use scenarios, the company develops and deploys Single-to-Multi-Use robots to empower soldiers and civilian first responders. ARX's robots serve as consumable solutions for military training, intelligence gathering, and mission support, as well as reliable assets for civilian emergency services.

ARX's unarmed GEREON ground robots are equipped with sensors, cameras, alarms, and transport capabilities. These robots play pivotal roles in live fire training exercises, simulations, surveillance, and decoy operations. Currently, initial units are undergoing rigorous testing with defense companies and armed forces in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Estonia. Built on a universal robotic platform, ARX's small to medium-sized autonomous robots offer flexibility through add-on and payload solutions, adapting to various security and defense-related scenarios.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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