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August 17, 2023

Revolutionizing VC Dynamics: AI-Driven DeckMatch Connects Startups and Investors

Turbocharging VC! AI Evaluates Start-ups' Decks. €1M Pre-Seed Fuel

Amid the dynamic startup ecosystem, Oslo-based DeckMatch has unfurled its ingenious AI-powered platform, poised to reshape the landscape of venture capital engagement. Leo Gasteen and Walid Mustapha, the minds behind DeckMatch, present an innovative solution that streamlines the intricate process of matching promising pitch decks with discerning venture capitalists. Pioneering a data-driven approach, DeckMatch weaves technology into the fabric of VC interactions, offering a transformative glimpse into the industry's future.

In a realm where the quality of pitch decks often holds the key to unlocking funding opportunities, DeckMatch surfaces as a game-changing catalyst. Liberating investors from the laborious task of sifting through countless decks, the platform harnesses AI's prowess to dissect pitch decks holistically. A nuanced evaluation encompasses facets such as a startup's stage, sector, business model, problem-solving approach, scalability, market opportunity, and founders' expertise.

DeckMatch goes beyond mere assessment; it extends a helping hand to founders with constructive feedback on their pitch decks. This symbiotic interaction nurtures the development of impactful presentations, amplifying startups' potential for successful funding rounds.

Currently undergoing rigorous testing in a closed Beta with over 60 venture capitalists, DeckMatch's potential is poised to reverberate far beyond the investment domain. Recognizing the platform's broader utility, DeckMatch envisions its influence permeating industries such as recruitment and procurement, heralding an era of data-driven decision-making.

DeckMatch's ascent is fortified by a substantial pre-seed funding round, boasting €1 million in investments. The round, co-led by Alliance VC and Skyfall Ventures, reflects the shared belief in the platform's transformative potential. Serial entrepreneur Nicolaj Højer Nielsen and other noteworthy investors further fuel DeckMatch's journey.

Arne Tonning, Partner at Alliance VC, underlines the platform's potential, stating, "DeckMatch holds the power to not only enhance VC efficiency but also infuse data-driven insights into investment choices. We stand alongside Leo, Walid, and the DeckMatch team as they chart a course toward technological innovation that transcends the VC landscape."

Leo Gasteen encapsulates the platform's vision for the future, envisioning an ecosystem where data-driven approaches reshape industry decision-making processes. DeckMatch's early investment marks the inception of an exciting journey destined to refine its offering, expand its capabilities, and amplify its impact in the realm of venture capital and beyond.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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