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September 20, 2023

RISORCE Revolutionizes Tire Recycling with €12.5M Investment

Innovative Belgian startup secures over 5M car tires recycled annually - Recytyre, scaling towards a greener future

Belgium grapples with over 5 million end-of-life car tires annually. While these tires often find their way into industrial applications, the Belgian startup RISORCE (Renewable, Innovative Solutions towards Recycling & Circular Economy) is embarking on an ambitious journey to transform tire recycling through cutting-edge technology and circular economy principles.

The tire recycling industry is witnessing a transformation driven by startups like RISORCE. With a recent €12.5 million investment from (Recytyre), Noshaq, Wallonie Entreprendre, and financial sector players, RISORCE aims to construct an innovative end-of-life tire recycling plant in the Liège province.

The visionary project will accommodate six waste tire processing units, processing a staggering 18,000 tons of tire granulates annually, equivalent to 2,400,000 tires. Commencing in 2024, the first unit will pave the way for subsequent installations, culminating in full operational status by 2025, promising to create approximately 20 local jobs.

Bernard van den Wouwer, founder & CEO of RISORCE, emphasizes the importance of local solutions for tire waste processing, aligning with circular economy principles. The venture signifies a technological and environmentally robust innovation.

Chris Lorquet, CEO of Recytyre, recognizes the transformative potential of RISORCE's pyrolysis project. It marks a pivotal shift towards chemical processing of tire components and aligns with the future of material circularity.

Stéphanie Sacré, Invest Manager for Noshaq, lauds RISORCE's multifaceted impact, reducing the environmental footprint of the tire production sector while stimulating economic growth in the Liège region.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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