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Robin AI Secures $26 Million in Series B Funding to Propel AI Transformation

Generative AI it's a revolutionary force reshaping every sector, including the traditionally steadfast legal domain
January 5, 2024

The buzz around Generative AI is no secret, promising transformative waves across diverse industries. In the legal sector, London-based startup Robin AI is making significant strides with its AI-powered legal copilot. Today, we unfold the latest chapter in Robin AI's journey, as the company secures an impressive $26 million in a Series B funding round led by Temasek, a renowned Singaporean investor with notable investments in Zilingo and Stripe. The infusion of capital positions Robin AI to not only capitalize on its current momentum but also to embark on an ambitious expansion plan, including growing its team in the US and establishing a foothold in Singapore to tap into the Asia Pacific market.

Founded in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a lawyer at Clifford Chance, and James Clough, a machine learning research scientist at Imperial College, Robin AI leverages the power of Generative AI to revolutionize the drafting and negotiation of contracts. The recent Series B funding, with participation from QuantumLightAFG Partners, and Plural led by Taavet Hinrikus, marks a pivotal moment for the startup. The infusion of $26 million will not only facilitate the expansion of its talented team of AI and machine learning experts but also enable the establishment of an office in Singapore to cater to the growing demand in the Asia Pacific region.

At the core of Robin AI's innovation is its AI-driven legal copilot, a Microsoft Word add-in designed to slash contract review times by an impressive 85%. The copilot automates and expedites the contract drafting process while extracting vital information from extensive contract repositories through a simple search. This technology empowers legal teams to operate faster, save costs, and strategically invest their time.

A key highlight of Robin AI's journey is its partnership with Anthropic, where it became the launch partner for the Large Language Model (LLM), Claude. The latest iteration, Claude 2.1, sets itself apart by allowing longer prompts of approximately 150,000 words, a crucial benefit for analyzing intricate legal documents. Robin AI's unique hybrid model combines Claude LLM with proprietary contract data from over 2 million contracts, employing machine learning techniques and a team of legal professionals to ensure unparalleled quality and accuracy.

As Robin AI secures $26 million in Series B funding, the company stands at the forefront of AI-driven transformations in the legal sector. CEO and co-founder Richard Robinson's vision extends beyond the current success, aiming to build an AI platform that comprehensively understands every facet of the legal function. The funding not only fuels Robin AI's expansion plans but also propels its mission to level the playing field between large and small law firms, making legal services more accessible. The legal sector watches with anticipation as Robin AI paves the way for a future where AI is not just a buzzword but a transformative force in shaping the global legal market.

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