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Rose All Day Cosmetics Blooms with $5.41 Million Series A Funding

Rose All Day Cosmetics, as it joyously announces a triumphant $5.41 million in Series A funding on a splendid Friday
December 29, 2023

In a radiant boost for the Indonesian beauty landscape, Rose All Day Cosmetics (RADC) has secured an impressive $5.41 million in Series A funding, a testament to the brand's allure and growth potential. Led by venture capital firm SWC Global, this funding round features key participation from DSG Consumer Partners and AC Ventures, RADC's seed investor. As the beauty brand embarks on this financial milestone, the funds will play a pivotal role in amplifying its presence in Indonesia, extending its reach across ASEAN countries, and elevating its beauty product offerings.

In a flourishing partnership, SWC Global, an affiliate of Shunwei Capital, spearheaded the Series A funding for RADC. The visionary investment will fuel the expansion of the company's distribution network within Indonesia, marking a strategic move to capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts in the region. The funds will not only enhance RADC's market presence but will also contribute to the evolution of its product line, promising beauty enthusiasts an enriched and diverse experience.

Beyond financial backing, SWC Global's commitment extends to connecting RADC with its esteemed Chinese consumer portfolio companies. This collaboration aims to fortify RADC's supply chain support in China, creating new avenues for growth and collaboration in the global beauty landscape.

As Rose All Day Cosmetics enters this transformative phase, it plans to deploy the funds to fortify its team across critical departments. The expansion encompasses key areas such as marketing, social media, operations, finance, and product development. By nurturing and amplifying its talent pool, RADC is poised to elevate its brand presence and deliver innovative beauty solutions to its discerning audience.

As the petals of success unfurl for Rose All Day Cosmetics, the Series A funding not only marks a financial milestone but signals a radiant future for the brand. With an expanded distribution network, enriched product offerings, and fortified team dynamics, RADC is set to redefine beauty standards in Indonesia and beyond. The bloom of Rose All Day Cosmetics continues, promising beauty enthusiasts an exquisite journey of clean, halal-certified, and cruelty-free beauty experiences.

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