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August 14, 2023

SAEKI:$2.3M Seed Round for Revolutionary Industrial Automation

Collective confidence underscores the transformative potential of SAEKI's ambitious vision

SAEKI has emerged from the shadows, backed by a robust $2.3 million seed funding round. This innovative startup is set to redefine the industrial landscape, breathing life into fully automated plants powered by the precision of 3D technology.

While advancing by leaps and bounds, the architecture, engineering, and construction realm has encountered a recurring challenge: the sluggish and costly manufacturing of sizable components integral to their installations. SAEKI, born in 2021, collaborates with architectural and engineering design mavens alongside the construction services industry. The objective? To transform intricate designs into tangible reality, infusing a fresh approach to cost-effective custom concrete formwork production.

At the heart of SAEKI's groundbreaking narrative lies its inaugural production hub—an ingenious nexus of industrial robots that double as micro-factories. This convergence of digital manufacturing prowess encompasses a gamut of techniques, from the artistry of 3D printing and the precision of milling to meticulous inspections. The result? A holistic, low-waste production process steeped in recyclable materials. This end-to-end automation spectacle seamlessly unfolds within a mere 24-hour window, epitomizing SAEKI's commitment to streamlined innovation.

A stellar lineup of investors set the stage for SAEKI's dazzling debut. Wingman Ventures leads the charge, joined by stalwarts such as Vento Ventures, Getty Capital, and a league of angel investors.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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