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Scayl: Transforming Debt Financing for EU Fintechs

The exciting debut of Scayl, a groundbreaking debt financing platform stepping out of stealth mode
April 4, 2024

Breaking through the industry's shadows, Scayl, a debt financing platform, steps into the spotlight today, announcing its substantial €100 million funding and a game-changing approach for European fintech lenders. Founded in 2023 and headquartered in Stockholm, the company aims to reshape the financial landscape by addressing the longstanding challenges faced by fintech lenders in accessing flexible and cost-efficient debt financing solutions.

Scayl's innovative platform introduces a transformative debt solution backed by a robust network of banks and an impressive €1 billion in lender interest. By leveraging this foundation, the company offers fintechs developing credit products access to transparent funding structures, enabling them to fund their loan books with unparalleled flexibility and speed. Unlike traditional methods that entail lengthy negotiations with banks and credit funds, Scayl accelerates the process tenfold, empowering fintech lenders to seize market opportunities swiftly and efficiently.

The brainchild of a seasoned team comprising professionals from diverse financial backgrounds, including banking, hedge funds, and fintech lending, Scayl is uniquely positioned to navigate the intricate landscape of debt financing. Its founders, Medjit Yalmaz (CEO), Patrik Blomdahl (COO), and Jatin Goyal (CTO), have drawn from their rich expertise to address the pressing needs of the fintech industry, shaping a platform tailored to propel growth and innovation.

In an era marked by evolving macroeconomic conditions and heightened risks, Scayl emerges as a beacon of hope for European fintech lenders. By bridging the gap between traditional banking systems and innovative fintech solutions, Scayl envisions a future where fintechs thrive, unlocking untapped potentials and fostering the emergence of unicorns. With a strong foundation and ambitious vision, Scayl is poised to redefine the dynamics of debt financing, catalyzing growth and driving financial inclusion across Europe and beyond.

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