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Scope Launches $45 Million VC Fund for Fintech and Gaming Innovation

Startup connections, stepped into the spotlight on Tuesday with the grand reveal of a $45 million venture capital fund
By Josefina Dipaolo
January 3, 2024

In a dynamic move that resonates with the pulsating beats of innovation, Scope, the exclusive startup networking platform, has unveiled a bold initiative—a venture capital fund valued at $45 million. This strategic fund is laser-focused on the vibrant realms of fintech and gaming, aiming to fuel the evolution of groundbreaking startups.

Imagine a space where audacious visions take flight and disruptive potential finds its wings. That's precisely what Scope's independent venture capital arm envisions. It steps onto the stage as a catalyst, identifying, nurturing, and accelerating startups that not only promise exceptional growth but also harbor the power to redefine the landscapes of fintech and gaming.

"Fintech and gaming transcend mere industries; they are dynamic ecosystems propelling global change. With Scope's VC, we aspire to be the driving force behind startups with bold visions, offering the crucial support they need to reshape the future," declares Appalla Saikiran, the visionary Founder and CEO of Scope.

This venture capital powerhouse doesn't just offer funding; it weaves strategic support into the fabric of promising startups. The goal? To foster growth, empower scaling operations, and propel these startups into the forefront of innovation.

Scope's impressive network includes over 20,000 angel investors, a legion of 7,000 venture capitalists, and connections with 200 family offices. Through this extensive web of support, it has facilitated funding for more than 400 startups—a testament to its commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering the next wave of disruptors.

As the curtain rises on Scope's venture capital endeavor, it signals not just an injection of funds but a rallying call to the fintech and gaming communities—a call to redefine, reimagine, and revolutionize. The journey begins, and the future looks promising, filled with the endless possibilities born from audacious dreams and disruptive ideas.

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