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November 15, 2023

Scores Scores a $10M Boost from Quadri Ventures for Workspace Connectivity

SwiftConnect has triumphed in a bustling equity fundraising spree, securing a robust $10 million

In a resounding success for US-based proptech SwiftConnect, the company has concluded a flourishing equity fundraising round, raking in an impressive $10 million. Spearheaded by London's esteemed VC, Quadri Ventures, renowned for its recent investment triumphs in Fyma, the round saw enthusiastic participation from both new and existing investors.

SwiftConnect, a trailblazer in digitizing the workplace experience, has accumulated a total investment of nearly $40 million. The freshly acquired funds are earmarked to propel the company's global expansion, fortify its customer experience teams, and augment its presence in major enterprises and distinguished buildings.

Founded in 2020 in Connecticut by Konrad Kruger, Guillaume Vachon, Steeve Beliveau, and Matt Kopel, SwiftConnect specializes in connected access enablement solutions, streamlining workplace interactions. The platform ensures that individuals have the right digital pass on their phones, watches, or wherever necessary, orchestrating a seamless connection between people and spaces.

SwiftConnect's impact reverberates across commercial real estate owners and enterprises, spanning industries like finance, life sciences, and technology. Through centralized access management, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing mobile systems and business protocols, offering authorized access comprehensively.

At the forefront of innovation, SwiftConnect introduces a mobile-based NFC solution that allows employees to integrate their badges into Apple Wallet, providing swift and secure access to office buildings and shared spaces.

SwiftConnect's mobile-based NFC solution is already operational in over 80 million square feet of commercial real estate, encompassing numerous buildings and enterprises. The company's client base, including Fortune 100 firms, US and UK landlords, and leading advisory and legal entities, testifies to the platform's prowess.

Chip Kruger, Co-CEO of SwiftConnect, remarked, "Our latest round of funding illustrates the excitement our existing and new investors have in SwiftConnect. This would not have been possible without our excellence in engineering and the great experience our Fortune 100 customers, major US and UK landlords, and leading advisory, investment, and legal firms have with our solutions."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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