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Scriptic's Growth Journey Soars with $8.7M Seed Round: Sony Joins Forces

Sony fuels: $8.7M seed round with creative vision, plans to build a creator community via a cloud-based creator suite
By Josefina Dipaolo
August 28, 2023

Scriptic, the UK-based media tech trailblazer, garners a $500,000 investment from Sony, orchestrating the final crescendo of its Seed fund at a remarkable $8.7 million. With a narrative that intertwines AI-powered creativity and interactive entertainment, Scriptic's voyage resonates as a testament to the boundless horizons of tech-powered storytelling.

As the curtains rise on this funding extravaganza, the echoes of Scriptic's previous funding announcement in June still linger. A $5.7 million round, led by the illustrious BITKRAFT Ventures, laid the foundation. Now, Sony's investment adds a new layer to the symphony, amplifying Scriptic's growth aspirations.

Fueled by this financial surge, Scriptic is a testament to the convergence of technology and entertainment. At its core lies generative AI, an artist's palette that molds visual and script-writing content. The vision transcends the solitary realm, as Scriptic envisions a community of creators united by access to a cloud-based creator suite, a testament to the democratization of creative prowess.

Antonio Avitabile, Managing Director-EU of Sony Ventures Corporation, captures the essence of the partnership. "Scriptic is emerging as a front-runner in the future of interactive entertainment," Avitabile asserts, painting a picture of a future brimming with possibility. "Scriptic’s highly scalable, efficient, and sophisticated mobile-first approach pushes the boundaries of interactive content, and we believe the company’s UGC offering has the potential to take this further by empowering the creativity of millions of everyday storytellers."

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