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Seam: Democratizing Customer Data for Everyone

Seam is bridging the gap between complex data and every business user, they unveiled a $5 million seed funding
May 1, 2024

In an era where business success is increasingly intertwined with data accessibility, Seam, an early-stage startup, is on a mission to democratize access to customer data for all business users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Founded by former Okta employees who experienced firsthand the challenges of making data accessible, Seam announced a $5 million seed funding round on Tuesday, marking its official entry into the market.

"We’re building what we’re calling the AI interface for customer information. And our mission is really to give anyone regardless of their technical ability, what we’re calling business users, the opportunity to use data to answer any questions they have," explained Nicholas Scavone, CEO, and co-founder of Seam.

Their solution? A generative AI prompt interface that allows users to ask questions about customer data and receive answers without the need for SQL queries. Seam's platform, built on top of Snowflake, aims to eliminate the friction often associated with traditional data access methods, empowering business users to access data and derive insights independently.

"Whenever you see friction like this in a business process, you understand that there’s an opportunity, and that discovery happened to time well with this AI technology shift. All of a sudden it was feasible to solve this problem with natural language without knowing SQL," Scavone added.

Having launched the company in March 2023, the team spent a year building a robust platform capable of simplifying complex data access tasks. With a production-grade platform now in place, Seam is focused on scaling its market presence.

The $5 million seed investment, led by Bessemer Venture Partners and joined by Colle Capital, F7 Ventures, Ritual Capital, and Umami Capital, will enable Seam to accelerate its growth and expand its platform's reach. Additionally, the company has received investments from several industry angels.

Seam's innovative approach to data accessibility promises to transform how businesses interact with customer data, ushering in a new era of data-driven decision-making.

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