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January 29, 2024

Setmixer Secures $760K to Preserve Live Performances

UK-based Setmixer wielding innovation to capture live performances in a symphony of studio-quality perfection

The pulse of the music industry quickens as UK-based Setmixer injects new life into live performances. The transient nature of music encounters a formidable foe in Setmixer's innovative platform, armed with a mission to immortalize live moments and redefine the music release landscape.

In the face of declining revenue from physical music formats, Setmixer emerges as a beacon of change. According to PwC, digital formats are poised to claim 80.7% of the music revenue pie by 2027, reflecting a significant shift from the 74.3% recorded in 2022. Riding this digital wave, Setmixer secures a substantial $760K in seed funding led by Raw Ventures, propelling its vision forward.

At its core, Setmixer offers artists a powerful tool—a platform to record and mix live performances with studio-quality precision. The freshly acquired funds will fuel the launch of an AI-assisted mixing process, ensuring seamless instant releases and preventing the loss of captivating live performances.

Founded in 2021 by Pascal De Mul, a seasoned professional with experience at Spotify and Deezer, Setmixer aspires to be the go-to release mechanism for music creators. The platform allows artists to record in full multitrack studio quality, leveraging an AI-driven automix process. Partnering with venues, Setmixer's smart recorder captures performances in up to 64-channel studio quality, a feat that transforms every live set into a timeless masterpiece.

In 2023 alone, Setmixer recorded an impressive 10,000 hours of live music in full multitrack studio quality, equivalent to 1.15 years. This achievement underscores the platform's dedication to preserving the essence of live music and making it accessible to fans worldwide.

Pascal de Mul, the visionary founder and CEO of Setmixer, states, "Our mission continues: to bring Setmixer’s live music recordings to every venue in the UK and beyond, empowering artists to share their performances effortlessly."

Raw Ventures' investment in Setmixer, backed by VGC Partners and a group of angels, aligns with a shared commitment to supporting disruptive MediaTech companies. As Setmixer gears up for expansion, the investment signifies a step toward fostering deeper connections between artists and consumers.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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