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November 1, 2023

Shakers Secures €6 Million to Empower Spanish Companies in Tackling Tech

Shakers, the Spanish trailblazer in simplifying the process of companies assembling external dream teams with €6 million

In a significant stride toward redefining the landscape of digital work, Spanish startup Shakers has secured a substantial €6 million in a seed funding round. The charge was led by notable investors including Adevinta Ventures, Brighteye Ventures (known for backing Coachbetter and Oneday), Athos Capital, and Wayra.

Conceived in Madrid in 2021 by founders Adrián de Pedro, Héctor Mata, Jaime Castillo, and Nico de Luis, Shakers is carving a niche as the ultimate platform for digital professionals seeking to streamline their entire work-life spectrum. The startup's mission is to empower companies to embrace cutting-edge technologies, proactively tackle tech challenges, and fuel innovation and competitiveness. It offers an operating system that simplifies collaboration between businesses and freelance teams, enabling them to collaborate swiftly and efficiently.

For companies, Shakers has pioneered a platform that simplifies the integration of freelancers and the management of hybrid teams. It streamlines recruitment, payment processing, and compliance tasks. HR teams can issue challenges, access real-time availability of the most suitable profiles for each role, assemble teams, and let the collaboration flow, all within minutes.

On the flip side, Shakers caters to freelancers by providing them with a comprehensive tool to manage their tasks seamlessly. It allows them to request early payments for their invoices and connect with complementary profiles, inviting them to join their squads.

Bridging this gap, Shakers has engineered its own AI engine that performs intelligent matching between freelance teams and companies. It takes into account both professional and personal aspects to create the perfect synergy.

Héctor Mata, co-founder and CEO of Shakers, articulated the vision behind the startup, saying, "Shakers was born with a vision to reinvent work. We envision a world where companies and digital workers can connect in a much faster and more efficient way to develop high-impact projects. This round and the new partners bring us one step closer to that goal."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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