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SmartCIC Hits 97% Accuracy in Cellular Predictions

SmartCIC Technologies has showcased its prowess in predicting cellular performance with an astonishing 97% accuracy
July 4, 2024

In a groundbreaking feat, SmartCIC Technologies, a global leader in enterprise-grade wireless testing and artificial intelligence (AI), has demonstrated its ability to predict cellular performance across Washington D.C. with an impressive 97% accuracy. During International Telecoms Week in May, the company conducted extensive drive tests on local networks and compared the results to its AI algorithm's predictions, showcasing highly accurate predictive analytics that can accelerate the scaling of enterprise wireless use cases across metropolitan areas.

SmartCIC's innovative ‘Drive’ and ‘Walk’ initiatives tested cellular networks throughout Washington D.C. and Maryland over the course of a week. Utilizing purpose-built technology, the data collected in the field was uploaded to its database in real-time. More than 30 machine learning models and methodologies were employed to predict cellular performance, enhanced by proprietary AI. The testing revealed maximum download speeds in Washington D.C. of 879.20 Mbps, based on millions of tests conducted.

"Achieving 97% accuracy exceeded our expectations and highlights the exceptional skill of our data and analytics teams," said Toby Forman, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartCIC Group. "This level of precision allows mobile network operators (MNOs) and enterprises to confidently roll out new services, knowing that local connectivity meets their requirements."

This year, SmartCIC Technologies is capturing independent, enterprise-grade cellular intelligence across 30 National Football League (NFL) cities in the U.S. Its mapping tools offer a visual display of performance, presenting granular data at each test location. The AI engine identifies visual clusters of areas that consistently exhibit certain behaviors, combining observed and predicted network performance down to specific street addresses or enterprise locations.

"We’re making data visualization immediately accessible to engineers, network planners, and senior decision-makers. Carriers gain insights into where they can deploy enterprise-grade solutions, accelerating network monetization. With this knowledge, they can more effectively sell enterprise services by understanding the quality of connectivity available at specific sites. We're excited to collaborate with Tier 1 carriers, brief analysts on our findings, and present our data at global events," added Forman.

SmartCIC Technologies' AI algorithm not only enhances predictive accuracy but also supports sustainability and ESG principles. By optimizing test routes, the need for extensive on-site testing is reduced, minimizing the carbon footprint while maximizing efficiency.

SmartCIC's achievements in predictive analytics and AI-driven insights are poised to revolutionize enterprise wireless deployments, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity in key urban areas.

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