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Soundry AI: Transforming Music Creation with AI

Hailing from Seattle and now soaring with the latest cohort at the esteemed startup accelerator Y Combinator
April 1, 2024

Imagine crafting your perfect drum beats, bass lines, and melodies with just a few text prompts. That's the promise of Soundry AI, the brainchild of Seattle-based startup Soundry AI, which has recently earned its spot in the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. This innovative platform leverages generative artificial intelligence to empower musicians in creating personalized samples for their compositions.

At the core of Soundry AI lies a groundbreaking text-to-sound generator, offering users a seamless way to experiment and refine their musical ideas. Co-founder Diandre Ruiz, also known as the chief product officer and a member of the EDM band Bandlez, explains the essence: "What we’re able to do is allow someone to communicate the emotion or the feeling that they have and turn that into samples."

Driving this musical revolution are the trio of visionaries: CEO Mark Buckler, whose background includes pioneering work at Amazon on projects like the Scout autonomous delivery robot, alongside CTO Justin Parus, a seasoned software engineer with a tenure at Microsoft.

In a market teeming with competitors, Soundry AI stands out by prioritizing authenticity and creativity. While alternatives like Suno AI focus on song generation and platforms like Splice and Output offer music sample libraries, Soundry AI emphasizes avoiding copyright concerns and fostering genuine expression.

Soundry AI thrives on collaboration, partnering with artists to license their songs and samples, fueling the training of its AI. With offerings like "infinite sample packs," the platform caters to diverse genres, from "Hip-Hop Crate" to "Tokyo Dubstep Drums," ensuring a rich and evolving library for its users.

Backed by Y Combinator and nearing the completion of a seed round of financing, Soundry AI operates on a subscription model priced at $10 per month. This grants users access to a plethora of sample packs, updated weekly to reflect evolving styles and partnerships.

Soundry AI targets a broad spectrum of users, from audio enthusiasts and hobbyists to professional musicians seeking to elevate their craft. Even the realm of game development finds utility in Soundry AI, with foley artists integrating its prompts for immersive experiences.

Despite its technological prowess, Soundry AI acknowledges the irreplaceable role of human experience in music creation. As Ruiz aptly puts it, "The more tools that we give people to really communicate their experiences, the more content we can get out there and the more people that can tell their story."

In a landscape where technology continues to intersect with creativity, Soundry AI emerges as a beacon of innovation, empowering musicians to unleash their full potential through the seamless marriage of art and artificial intelligence.

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