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July 24, 2023

Spanish Edtech Ucademy Raises Over €1.5M to Revolutionize Exam Prep

Madrid-based edtech expands to Chile & Mexico! New funding fuels the growth journey

Spanish edtech Ucademy secures an impressive €1.5 million investment, part of its ongoing Series A funding. Spearheaded by Brighteye Ventures and Eoniq Fund, this strategic round is set to empower students with personalized study plans, helping them excel in official entrance exams for public university education and governmental roles. Ucademy's remarkable turnover of €2 million in its first year, alongside its presence in eight countries, demonstrates its commitment to transforming exam preparation. Explore how this visionary start-up aims to expand further in LATAM, focusing on Chile and Mexico.

In a significant boost to edtech innovation, Spanish start-up Ucademy successfully raises over €1.5 million in a key segment of its ongoing Series A funding. Led by Brighteye Ventures and Eoniq Fund, this strategic investment underscores the company's commitment to revolutionizing exam preparation for students.

Ucademy's platform stands out for its personalized study plans, tailored to help users excel in official entrance exams for public university education and governmental job qualifications. The company's exceptional turnover of €2 million within its first year reflects the resounding success of its student-focused approach.

With a formidable presence in eight countries, Ucademy's influence extends far beyond its Spanish roots. This dynamic funding round opens new avenues for expansion in LATAM, with Chile and Mexico set to experience the transformative impact of Ucademy's cutting-edge learning solutions.

Ramiro Zandrino, Ucademy's CEO and co-founder, expressed immense gratification with the continuous trust shown by investors. The investment serves as a validation of the team's hard work and unwavering commitment to its visionary educational vision.

Spanish edtech Ucademy's recent €1.5 million funding milestone is a testament to its pioneering vision in the realm of exam preparation. With Brighteye Ventures and Eoniq Fund at the helm of this strategic Series A round, Ucademy's personalized study plans promise to revolutionize the way students tackle official entrance exams. The company's remarkable success, reflected in its €2 million turnover in the first year, and its global presence across eight countries signal a bright future for Ucademy's transformative learning solutions. As the start-up expands its reach in LATAM, focusing on Chile and Mexico, the education landscape stands to witness the positive impact of Ucademy's vision in empowering students to excel in their educational pursuits.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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