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Sparxell's $3.2M Fund Boosts Eco Pigments

The UK-based trailblazer in eco-friendly, high-performance plant pigments, celebrates a triumphant $3.2 million
April 3, 2024

Today marks a significant milestone for Sparxell, a UK-based innovator in the realm of sustainable pigments, as it concludes a successful funding round amounting to $3.2 million. Spearheaded by a team of visionary Cambridge scientists, including Dr. Benjamin Droguet and Professor Silvia Vignolini, Sparxell has garnered acclaim for its pioneering approach to developing high-performance, eco-friendly pigments derived entirely from plant-based cellulose.

Founded in 2022, Sparxell leverages breakthroughs in science to emulate the vibrant hues found in nature, harnessing the potential of renewable and biodegradable resources extracted from waste streams. Unlike traditional chemical colorants, which pose significant environmental hazards throughout their lifecycle, Sparxell's plant-based pigments offer a sustainable alternative that is toxin-free, fully biodegradable, and boasts exceptional color intensity and longevity.

Dr. Benjamin Droguet, Sparxell's founder and CEO, underscores the urgency of transitioning away from fossil-based chemicals, citing their detrimental impact on the environment. With over 10,000 such chemicals utilized in current coloration processes, the textile and paint industries are recognized as major contributors to environmental pollution, necessitating a paradigm shift towards sustainable alternatives.

The global movement towards plant-based solutions has gained momentum in recent years, driven by a collective commitment to sustainability across industries. Sparxell's innovative approach aligns with this ethos, offering a viable pathway towards achieving circularity in product manufacturing while reducing transport emissions and promoting local sourcing.

In addition to its remarkable scientific achievements, Sparxell has forged strategic partnerships with leading brands across various sectors, including automotive, fashion, and cosmetics, showcasing the widespread applicability of its sustainable colorants. The company's collaborations with renowned investors, such as the Circular Innovation Fund and Katapult, underscore its potential to effect meaningful change in combating climate change and advancing sustainability goals.

The infusion of funds will fuel Sparxell's expansion efforts, enabling the scaling up of manufacturing capacity, fostering new partnerships with brands, and accelerating product development initiatives. As Sparxell continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of sustainable pigments, its commitment to driving positive environmental impact remains unwavering.

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