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Synthflow Secures $7.4M to Expand No-Code AI Voice Assistance for SMEs

Berlin-based startup aims to streamline business operations with innovative voice AI solutions
June 28, 2024

Synthflow, a Berlin-based startup specializing in AI-driven voice assistance tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has announced a significant milestone with a $7.4 million seed funding round. This brings their total funding to $9.1 million, reflecting strong investor confidence in the potential of generative AI applications.

Founded just last year, Synthflow has rapidly grown its customer base to nearly 1,000 businesses, leveraging a "no-code" platform that simplifies the deployment of AI voice agents. The platform, launched commercially in December 2023, has shown double-digit monthly growth rates, indicating a robust demand among SMEs for accessible AI solutions to enhance productivity.

According to Hakob Astabatsyan, CEO and co-founder of Synthflow, the new funding will primarily support research and development efforts. The startup aims to further enhance product capabilities, expand language support beyond English, and cater more effectively to European markets like Germany and France.

Synthflow's innovative approach integrates AI voice agents into various service-oriented industries, empowering businesses to automate routine tasks such as appointment scheduling and customer inquiries. Astabatsyan emphasizes that these solutions are designed to complement human efforts rather than replace them, enabling SMEs to optimize resource allocation and operational efficiency.

The platform's "no-code" interface allows non-technical users to easily configure and deploy customized voice agents, facilitating tasks like FAQs management and information extraction from customer interactions. This user-centric design aligns with Synthflow's goal of making advanced AI technology accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes.

Looking ahead, Synthflow plans to expand its capabilities by integrating with third-party software and developing advanced features such as real-time inventory checks and multi-functional voice interactions. Astabatsyan envisions these advancements not only streamlining business operations but also catalyzing broader discussions on workforce productivity and resource allocation in the digital age.

With backing from Singular and previous investors like Atlantic Labs and AI industry pioneers, Synthflow is poised to lead innovation in AI-powered voice assistance, offering SMEs a competitive edge through efficient and scalable automation solutions. As the technology evolves, its impact on reshaping business dynamics and enhancing customer service standards remains a compelling narrative in the evolving tech landscape.

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