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Taiko Secures $37M to Forge Censorship-Free Web3

A resilient faction champions blockchain's transformative power to democratize human endeavors
March 4, 2024

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, where speculation often meets volatility, there are those who champion blockchain’s capacity to decentralize various aspects of human activity for the collective good. Daniel Wang, founder of Taiko, is among these visionary entrepreneurs.

Originally driven by the desire to bring decentralization to social platforms, Wang envisioned leveraging blockchain's decentralized networks to combat censorship through distributed data storage and community-based content moderation.

However, his journey encountered a roadblock when he discovered that Ethereum's "Layer 2" solutions, designed to scale network transactions, lacked true decentralization. Wang recognized the need for an infrastructure layer to support genuinely decentralized social apps, leading to the birth of Taiko in March 2022.

Amid the surge of interest in web3 investments, Taiko secured significant funding, including a recent $15 million Series A round led by Lightspeed Faction, Hashed, Generative Ventures, and Token Bay Capital. With this, Taiko attains unicorn status, signaling its emergence as a key player in the evolving crypto landscape.

The funding injection will propel Taiko towards its mainnet launch, accompanied by a commitment of $30 million in grants to developers. Wang envisions Taiko as a public good, akin to Ethereum, where no single entity controls the network.

Central to Taiko's mission is the creation of a truly decentralized social network, one where users have ownership, control over content, data privacy, and censorship resistance. Wang emphasizes the importance of incentivizing users to produce quality content, a challenge that requires embedding token incentives within the system.

While acknowledging that crypto's mass adoption may be a decade away, Wang remains optimistic, highlighting the iterative nature of technological progress. As Taiko paves the way for decentralized social apps, it stands at the forefront of a transformative movement reshaping the digital landscape.

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