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Telxius Expands Ultrahigh Capacity Subsea Cable to Connect Cancun, Mexico

The trailblazing global connectivity powerhouse, is embarking on a voyage to extend its capacity subsea cable, Tikal
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 27, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, Telxius, a global leader in connectivity solutions, is set to extend its ultrahigh capacity subsea cable, Tikal, to land in the vibrant city of Cancun, Mexico. Tikal, initially introduced in collaboration with America Movil in January 2023 to link Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and Boca Raton, United States, will now embark on its independent journey to Cancun, marking a significant milestone for connectivity in the region. The supply contract with ASN is already in effect, and this ambitious expansion is poised to reshape the digital landscape.

Tikal's primary trunk is slated to launch with an initial capacity estimate of a staggering 380 Tbps, making it a pivotal route through the Caribbean. The promise is clear: superior service, unwavering reliability, and fortified security. The Ready For Service (RFS) date is anticipated to be mid-2026, ushering in a new era of connectivity excellence. Moreover, there's an exciting option to further extend this technological marvel to Barranquilla, Colombia, enhancing the digital landscape even more.

Mario Martiìn, the visionary CEO of Telxius, expressed the company's unwavering commitment to offering cutting-edge digital infrastructure across the Caribbean and the Americas. This expansion reflects Telxius' dedication to empowering partners and customers with an ultrahigh capacity network, minimal latency, and unmatched resiliency. As Martiìn puts it, Telxius takes pride in its continuous expansion endeavors, forging vital connections to digital hubs across the Americas and Europe.

Telxius boasts a sprawling network that spans over 100,000 km of terrestrial and subsea fiber, encompassing seven next-generation systems: Marea, Brusa, Dunant, Tannat, Junior, Mistral, and soon Tikal. Five of these systems reach Latin America, while the other two traverse the Atlantic. Telxius' overarching mission is to unite the core digital data hubs on both sides of the Atlantic through an array of multiterabit, next-generation subsea cables that profoundly serve the Americas and Europe, while also enhancing the traditional routes that Telxius has long championed.

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