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Telxius Lifts Connectivity: Derio Center Reaches New Peaks

Telxius has clinched top honors at the 2024 Data Center Market Awards for its groundbreaking Derio Data Center
By Josefina Dipaolo
February 5, 2024

Step into the future of connectivity with Telxius' award-winning Derio Data Center, a beacon of excellence in global connectivity. Nestled near Bilbao, Spain, this state-of-the-art facility has been recognized at the prestigious 2024 Data Center Market (DCM) Awards for its unparalleled commitment to connectivity.

Imagine a carrier-neutral haven designed to leverage the immense potential of subsea cables, boasting advanced colocation capabilities and a robust 2MW of IT power. This is the Derio Data Center, where innovation meets infrastructure to create a seamless digital landscape.

Telxius, a renowned global connectivity provider, stands at the helm of this technological marvel. Their commitment to excellence has culminated in a facility that serves as a nexus for businesses seeking to expand their global footprint securely and efficiently.

What sets Derio apart is its open architecture, welcoming any carrier, hyperscaler, cloud, or content provider to harness its cutting-edge services and high interconnection capacity. With Tier III specifications ensuring maximum uptime and performance, Derio becomes the ultimate "one-stop shop" for businesses' connectivity needs.

Telxius CEO Mario Martín expresses pride in Derio's recognition, emphasizing its role in enabling digital innovation while prioritizing sustainability. Running on 100% renewable energy, Derio exemplifies Telxius' dedication to delivering value to customers through simple yet powerful solutions.

But Derio is more than just a data center; it's a gateway to the future of transatlantic connectivity. Purpose-built to amplify the capacity of next-generation subsea cable systems like Marea and Grace Hopper, Derio channels this power to the heart of Europe's communications nodes.

With unparalleled connectivity to key hubs across Europe and beyond, Derio ensures the lowest latency and highest capacity between the Americas and Europe. Its strategic location facilitates onward terrestrial connectivity to major hubs like Frankfurt, London, and Paris, cementing its status as a pivotal point in the digital landscape.

Telxius' global footprint extends beyond Derio, encompassing strategic locations worldwide with interconnections to millions of potential customers. With redundant power supply, robust security measures, and temperature-controlled environments, Telxius' colocation facilities offer peace of mind to businesses operating in an increasingly connected world.

Telxius' Derio Data Center stands as a testament to innovation, connectivity, and sustainability. Recognized for its excellence in global connectivity, Derio represents the future of digital infrastructure, where businesses thrive and innovation knows no bounds.

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