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Telxius Partners with Google to Expand Firmina Cable System Uniting the Americas

Firmina, together with Telxius, forms a robust network linking the vibrant trio of the US, Brazil, and Argentina
By Josefina Dipaolo
November 17, 2023

In a strategic move to fortify global connectivity, Telxius, a leading connectivity provider, has joined forces with Google on the Firmina subsea cable system. This collaboration aims to enhance networking redundancy, ensuring robust connectivity between the East Coast of the USA, Brazil, and Argentina.

Firmina, in conjunction with existing Telxius subsea cables, establishes redundant networking between the US, Brazil, and Argentina. Notably, Telxius will play a pivotal role by hosting Firmina in its Santos digital hub in Brazil. This move solidifies Telxius' commitment to delivering low-latency, diverse, and high-capacity networking across the Americas.

Telxius customers are set to benefit from three redundant routes linking the US and Brazil (Firmina, Brusa, SAm-1), as well as three additional redundant routes extending to Argentina (Firmina, Tannat, SAm-1). This redundancy fortifies the Telxius network, ensuring resilient and low-latency connectivity. The expanded network is poised to stimulate the digital economy and unlock new opportunities for businesses.

Mario Martín, CEO at Telxius, expressed excitement about joining Firmina and emphasized the shared mission with Google to invest in internet infrastructure. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Telxius envisions continuous growth in its international submarine cable network, creating significant business opportunities for all stakeholders.

Telxius' network spans over 100,000 km of submarine and terrestrial fiber, encompassing eight next-generation subsea systems: Marea, Brusa, Dunant, Tannat, Junior, Mistral, Tikal, and now Firmina. The company boasts a Tier-1 international IP network (AS 12956) with a capacity exceeding 20 Tbps. Telxius provides a comprehensive portfolio of capacity, colocation, and security services globally.

As Telxius and Google propel the Firmina subsea cable system forward, the collaboration is poised to reshape international connectivity, reinforcing the resilience and efficiency of data pathways across the Americas.

Telxius, in partnership with Google, is set to transform global connectivity through the Firmina subsea cable system. This collaboration enhances redundancy, fortifying networking routes between the US, Brazil, and Argentina. As Telxius expands its international submarine cable network, businesses can anticipate new growth opportunities in an increasingly dynamic digital landscape. The strategic alliance with Google underscores a shared commitment to investing in robust internet infrastructure, setting the stage for a transformative era in international connectivity.

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