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July 17, 2023

Tenpoint Therapeutics Raises $70M to Restore Vision

UK's Tenpoint Therapeutics secures $70M to pioneer vision-restoring cell therapies and innovative in vivo reprogramming

Tenpoint Therapeutics has successfully raised $70 million in Series A funding for revolutionizing vision restoration through cell-based therapies. Backed by esteemed investors including British Patient Capital, F-Prime Capital, and Sofinnova Partners, this funding milestone paves the way for the development of innovative treatments for degenerative ocular diseases.

In the pursuit of restoring vision and transforming the lives of millions, Tenpoint Therapeutics emerges as a beacon of hope. Leveraging the power of cell-based therapies and in vivo reprogramming, this biotech company aims to address degenerative ocular diseases by replacing damaged or missing tissue, offering new possibilities for patients.

A significant milestone in their journey has been reached with the successful completion of a $70 million Series A funding round. This round witnessed participation from renowned investors such as British Patient Capital, F-Prime Capital, Sofinnova Partners, Qiming Venture Partners USA, Eight Roads, and the UCL Technology Fund, among others. Notably, British Patient Capital's investment of £10 million underscores their commitment to supporting breakthrough innovations in the life sciences sector through programs like Future Fund: Breakthrough.

The infusion of funds will enable Tenpoint Therapeutics to further develop its regenerative medicine platform, focusing on replacing multiple cell types that are lost due to inherited and age-related ocular conditions. With their exceptional team of scientific founders, including Pete Coffey, Lyndon da Cruz, Deniz Dalkara, Olivier Goureau, Vanessa King, Thomas Reh, and José-Alain Sahel, Tenpoint Therapeutics possesses a formidable combination of vision and research excellence, laying a strong foundation for groundbreaking ocular therapies.

Tenpoint's innovative ex vivo and in vivo cell engineering approaches hold immense promise in offering long-term treatment options for vision restoration by replacing dysfunctional and lost tissue within the eye. Their regenerative medicine platform has the potential to address a wide range of degenerative eye diseases, both age-related and inherited, offering hope to patients affected by various ocular conditions.

Tenpoint Therapeutics' remarkable $70 million funding success marks a significant milestone in the realm of vision-restoring cell therapies. With the support of distinguished investors, the company is well-positioned to advance their groundbreaking regenerative medicine platform. By harnessing the power of cell engineering, Tenpoint Therapeutics aspires to deliver transformative therapies for degenerative ocular diseases, offering renewed hope and improved quality of life for patients worldwide.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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