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The Future of Healthcare: Genomics Secures £35 Million Funding Boost

Genomics, headquartered in the heart of Oxford, UK, has triumphantly raised a whopping £35 million
January 10, 2024

In a groundbreaking move toward revolutionizing healthcareGenomics, a pioneering Oxford-based company, has successfully raised £35 million in a recent funding round. F-Prime Capital and Foresight Partners, the driving forces behind Hackajob, spearheaded the investment, joined by the notable participation of Infinity Investment Partners and MassMutual, backers of Zluri and HarfangLab.

Genomics, founded by four distinguished academics from the University of Oxford—Professor Peter Donnelly, Professor Gil McVean, Dr. Gerton Lunter, and Dr. Chris Spencer—stands at the forefront of precision healthcare. Armed with proprietary algorithms and databases, Genomics has crafted a unique path in genomic prevention, aiming to provide personalized risk estimates for common diseases and cancers before they manifest.

The £35 million injection of funds will not only fortify Genomics' risk estimation technology but also fuel the expansion of its workforce. The strategic move aligns with the company's overarching goal of achieving profitability while advancing the frontiers of genomic prevention. This follows the trail of success from the $30 million funding round initiated in 2021.

Genomics has pioneered polygenic testing, an innovative approach analyzing disease risks rooted in an individual's genetic makeup. This methodology promises insights for individuals often overlooked by conventional systems, enabling targeted interventions and tailored screening. With a dedicated team exceeding 100 professionals, boasting over 50% women with PhDs, and operational hubs in the UK and the US, Genomics is shaping the future of healthcare with an inclusive and expert-driven approach.

Genomics CEO, Sir Peter Donnelly, envisions a future where genetic information becomes ubiquitous in healthcare systems. He anticipates that within the next 10 to 15 years, millions of individuals in the UK will have personalized risk information, courtesy of Genomics' groundbreaking tools. The company has strategically compiled a vast resource by aggregating data from tens of thousands of research studies.

As Genomics charts its course toward a healthcare landscape enriched by genetic insights, the recent funding influx stands as a testament to its transformative vision. With innovation at its core, Genomics is set to redefine how we approach health and disease in the years to come.

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