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Threads: Meta's Twitter rival attracts 30M users, says Zuckerberg

Threads app storms the digital stage with a staggering 30 million users on its debut, reveals Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg
By Josefina Dipaolo
July 7, 2023

Threads, the latest brainchild of Meta, has emerged as a formidable contender in the realm of social media. Positioned as a friendly rival to Twitter, Threads offers users an alternative platform with features akin to its predecessor, attracting those dissatisfied with recent changes to Twitter. While Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino maintains the unique essence of their community cannot be replicated, Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions Threads as a public conversations app with the potential to amass over 1 billion users.

The online reception to Threads has been overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing enthusiasm for this much-needed competitor to Twitter. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, sees Threads as an initial version with plans to enhance the app's functionality, including interaction with other social media platforms like Mastodon. With a vision to expand on the best aspects of Instagram and apply them to a text-based platform, Threads has the potential to disrupt the social media landscape.

However, as the release of Threads unfolds, Meta faces scrutiny over its past business practices, including prioritizing profits over safety and mishandling user data. These concerns, along with regulatory uncertainties like the EU's Digital Markets Act, may impact the app's availability and integration within the European market.

In conclusion, Threads represents a bold step in reshaping social media dynamics, providing users with a fresh alternative to Twitter. As the battle for user engagement and privacy intensifies, Meta remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting user privacy while delivering an innovative and engaging platform.


How does Threads work?

This harmonious connection allows for the exchange of links, mesmerizing photos, and enthralling videos of up to five minutes in length. With a dynamic feed known as "threads," users are treated to a curated selection of posts from followed accounts, alongside compelling recommended content.

Empowering users with unprecedented control, Threads offers customizable settings to dictate who can "mention" them and filter out replies containing specific words. The app further empowers individuals by providing options for unfollowing, blocking, restricting, and reporting profiles, ensuring a secure and tailored social experience. Notably, any accounts blocked on Instagram automatically face the same fate on Threads, reinforcing privacy and peace of mind.

While Threads bears the mark of Meta's connection to Instagram, its revolutionary potential has sparked comparisons to Twitter, with some investors hailing it as a potential "Twitter killer." As Threads gains momentum, its ability to captivate users seeking novel social experiences could reshape the landscape of online interactions.

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