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Threedium's $11 Million Boost Ignites the Future of Immersive 3D Commerce

Among these trailblazers stands London's own Threedium, a force determined to catapult this industry to new frontiers
October 31, 2023

The metaverse may have experienced a dip in its viral buzz, but its essence remains resoundingly alive. Forward-thinking companies are actively forging the path to a vibrant metaverse, and one standout player is London-based Threedium. This 3D and AR enterprise infrastructure is now stepping into the limelight with an impressive $11 million funding round, setting the stage for a groundbreaking leap in immersive technology.

Established in 2017 and led by visionaries Mike Charalambous and Dusan Odobasic, Threedium is at the forefront of this digital revolution. They offer a suite of 3D developer tools, APIs, Web Engine, and enterprise services, which encompass asset management and deployment platforms. These tools empower the creation and launch of ultra-high-fidelity 3D and AR experiences, seamlessly bridging the realms of web and mobile.

What sets Threedium apart is its proprietary file format, .TUF, a digital fortress safeguarding intellectual property against AI and web theft—a rarity in the open-source world. Their 3D and AR engine grants brands the power to present their products in hyper-realistic 3D, allowing customers to interact with them in unprecedented ways. Shoppers can zoom in or out, inspect products from every angle, experiment with colors, sizes, and materials, all directly from their browser or mobile app.

Threedium's prestigious clientele includes renowned names like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bulgari, LOEWE, Tommy Hilfiger, Diageo, Girard Perregaux, and NuOrder Lightspeed.

Mike Charalambous, Co-founder and CEO of Threedium, emphasized, "The age of static 2D e-commerce is waning. Consumer preferences are evolving, and brands committed to differentiation recognize the demand for enriched, customizable experiences in the spatial web. This latest round of investment underlines the faith investors have in our mission to revolutionize digital landscapes, endowing businesses with captivating and immersive capabilities."

Dusan Odobasic, Chairman and Chief of Technology at Threedium, adds, "We're raising the bar for 3D on the web, offering an omni-channel solution that empowers brands to seamlessly distribute assets across all channels, platforms, and agencies. Our approach spotlights 3D technology as a pivotal tool to stand out in modern e-commerce, as the boundaries between online and in-store shopping continue to blur. AR is rapidly becoming the norm in the product-buying experience, and those who overlook it will be left behind."

Dipak Pandya, Head of Product & Tech at Lightspeed POS, affirms the value of Threedium's immersive 3D tech in enhancing the shopping experience: "Threedium's immersive 3D technology enables forward-thinking brands to realize cost savings, demonstrate commitment to sustainability, and offer buyers a richer product visualization experience by replacing static images with interactive 3D content on the web."

With Threedium's infusion of $11 million in capital, the path to a dynamic, immersive digital marketplace has never been clearer. As we embrace the spatial web and bid farewell to the limitations of 2D e-commerce, this innovative company is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape, empowering brands to captivate and engage in unprecedented ways. The age of the metaverse is upon us, and Threedium is undoubtedly leading the way into this exciting new era of commerce.

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