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January 18, 2024

Tioex: Swedish Fintech Takes Off with $1 Million Investment in SpaceX

An odyssey that transcends borders, the Swedish fintech luminary is not just opening doors; it's dismantling walls

In a celestial leap for Tioex, the Swedish fintech disruptor has ventured beyond its European roots to make a historic secondary investment of $1 million in none other than SpaceX, the brainchild of tech mogul Elon Musk. This bold move propels Tioex into the orbit of one of the world's most iconic private companies, marking a paradigm shift for European investors in the US pre-IPO market.

Tioex, renowned for enabling investors to delve into high-profile private growth companies, including tech giants like Klarna and Eindride, has now etched its name among the first European investors in SpaceX. This audacious investment comes at a time when Tioex, after a year of meticulous analysis of the US pre-IPO market, is gearing up to broaden its portfolio with strategic investments in the land of opportunity.

Until 2020, the realm of secondary investments in tech startups was largely elusive. Tioex disrupted the status quo by opening doors to members who sought a stake in SpaceX, unravelling a unique opportunity to explore the vast pre-IPO landscape. With SpaceX soaring to a valuation of $180 billion in December 2023, surpassing industry stalwarts like Boeing and Verizon, Tioex now stands as a gateway to the world's most exciting private companies.

Led by the visionary Johan Hägglund, Tioex envisions a financial landscape where more individuals partake in the wealth created by private tech companies. The platform strives to provide shareholders with increased control over the timing and method of selling their shares, fostering a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem for both investors and shareholders alike.

Unlike conventional marketplaces, Tioex takes a unique approach, targeting existing shareholders looking to sell their shares in specific startups. All investments are steered by Tioex members and partners, differentiating itself from traditional venture capital firms. In 2023, despite market downturns, Tioex successfully marked its entry into 15 compelling investments, showcasing its resilience and strategic acumen.

Delving into the SpaceX universe, Tioex investors gain a stake in ground breaking initiatives like the SpaceX Starship program, contributing to NASA's lunar ambitions. SpaceX's Starlink, with over 3,000 satellites, has emerged as a lifeline for disrupted infrastructure, while ambitious plans to launch 42,000 satellites by mid-2027 underscore its transformative impact on global connectivity.

In the words of Johan Hägglund, founder and CEO of Tioex, "SpaceX, with its revolutionary advancements in space exploration and its bold vision to colonize Mars, is on the verge of rewriting humanity’s history." This move exemplifies Tioex's commitment to presenting investment opportunities of unparalleled caliber to its investors, transcending geographical boundaries.

As Tioex navigates the cosmic currents of the US pre-IPO market, the Swedish fintech disruptor is not just making an investment; it's making history. With SpaceX in its constellation, Tioex aims to democratize pre-IPO opportunities, offering investors a chance to be part of the future of space exploration and beyond. Buckle up; Tioex is propelling European investors to new frontiers.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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