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Tobiko Secures $21.8M for Modern Data Platform

Tobiko, armed with a hefty $21.8 million in funding, sets its sights on crafting the ultimate modern data platform
June 6, 2024

In the dynamic world of data transformation, Tobiko may not be a household name yet, but its founders carry an impressive track record. With co-founder and CEO Tyson Mao's appearances on "Beauty and the Geek" and brother Toby Mao's achievements in the speedcubing circuit, including holding world records, the duo brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to the tech landscape. Alongside co-founder Iaroslav Zeigerman, they've honed their skills at esteemed companies like Apple, Airbnb, Google, and Netflix, laying the foundation for Tobiko's groundbreaking journey.

Tobiko's mission? To reshape how teams interact with data. At its core lies a dbt-compatible data transformation platform, enriched with the power of the open-source projects SQLMesh and SQLGlot. This platform boasts an intuitive low-code interface, empowering users to effortlessly construct data pipelines and transformations.

The startup is making waves with the launch of its cloud platform, backed by an impressive $21.8 million in funding. This includes a $4.5 million seed round and a significant $17.3 million Series A round led by Theory Ventures. Notable investors such as 20Sales, Fivetran CEO George Fraser, Census CEO Boris Jabes, and MotherDuck CEO Jordan Tigani have also joined the Tobiko journey.

Toby Mao's stint at Airbnb illuminated the transformative potential of data. While leading the Minerva project, he recognized the pivotal role of data transformation in unlocking business value. Inspired by industry-standard tools like dbt, Tobiko emerged as a response to the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Central to Tobiko's innovation is SQLMesh, a groundbreaking open-source tool engineered to streamline data pipelines with built-in capabilities for transformation, testing, and collaboration. Powered by the team's semantic expertise, Tobiko transcends traditional data platforms, offering unparalleled scalability and adaptability.

With a keen focus on observability and reliability, Tobiko's platform empowers developers with advanced features like syntax checking on SQL queries and comprehensive change tracking. By fostering "virtual data environments," Tobiko empowers teams to accelerate development cycles and drive innovation.

Targeting data engineering teams across diverse industries, Tobiko has garnered traction among businesses of all sizes, including unicorn startups. With its compatibility with dbt, Tobiko stands poised to revolutionize data workflows, bridging the gap between innovation and scalability in the digital era.

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