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Tomorrow Things Secures €1.5M for AI Machine Operations

AI startup, just locked in €1.5 million in funding to advance its development of an AI-driven Operating System
March 14, 2024

Breaking ground in the realm of artificial intelligence, Tomorrow Things has secured a notable €1.5 million in funding. This investment marks a significant leap forward for the tech startup as it continues to spearhead the development of an innovative AI-powered Operating System tailored for machines on the internet.

Tomorrow Things pioneers an intelligent automation platform designed to generate digital twins of technical assets, fostering a seamless convergence between virtual and real-world operations. By harnessing the power of digital twins, Tomorrow Things empowers manufacturers to optimize production lines, anticipate potential issues, and make informed decisions with precision and agility.

Digital twins act as virtual replicas, collecting and analyzing real-time data from various sources such as sensors and machinery. This data not only provides valuable insights into performance and efficiency but also enables predictive analytics to preemptively address emerging challenges.

One of Tomorrow Things' groundbreaking features lies in its blueprint technology, which automates and standardizes the onboarding process of machines. Comparable to a fingerprint, machine blueprints streamline the creation of digital twins with just one click, driving interoperability and facilitating seamless integration of third-party.

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