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Unlimitd Secures €100 Million Investment to Transform E-commerce Financing

This leading force in French digital financing announces a groundbreaking €100 million investment, from Absolute Capital
December 20, 2023

In a strategic move poised to reshape the landscape of digital financing in France, Unlimitd, the revenue-based financing platform, proudly announces a substantial €100 million investment from Absolute Capital Partners (ACP). This financial infusion is set to catalyze Unlimitd's mission of revolutionizing digital financing for businesses, particularly in the realms of e-commerce and marketplace resellers.

Unlimitd, standing as a key player in digital financing, has harnessed innovation to craft an instant financing platform tailored for digital enterprises. Specializing in e-commerce and marketplace resellers, the company has swiftly become a beacon of efficiency in the industry. Their hallmark lies in assessing credit risk adeptly, offering bespoke financing solutions to qualifying businesses in less than 48 hours.

Since its inception in 2021, Unlimitd has deployed over €30 million, providing crucial support to numerous companies. The focus of their targeted products revolves around stock financing and advertising expenses, addressing the unique needs of the digital business landscape. With a solid foundation laid through €20 million in Seed funding, Unlimitd has carved a niche for itself.

Absolute Capital Partners (ACP) assumes the role of a key player in this transformative journey, becoming the majority shareholder of Unlimitd. This strategic move aligns with the launch of ACP's subsidiary, AbsoluteCap Venture Lending, dedicated to corporate financing. The partnership is not just financial; it's a fusion of capabilities and ambitions.

This collaboration empowers Unlimitd with a formidable financing capacity, unlocking the potential to deploy up to €100 million over the next 12 months. The ambitious plan is to significantly expedite growth within France and extend the footprint of their services across Europe by 2024.

Rudy Boukhris and Jérémie Hazan, co-founders of ACP, express their confidence in Unlimitd, acknowledging it as one of the premier lending platforms with robust technology, a strong brand, and a visionary team.

Julien Zerbib, CEO and founder of Unlimitd, concludes with enthusiasm, stating, "This deal marks a new milestone for Unlimitd. With ACP's operational and financial support, we empower ourselves to realize our ambitions—better serving our entrepreneurial clients, investing in technology, and becoming the benchmark for e-commerce financing in Europe."

As Unlimitd charts its course with this significant investment, the future of digital financing in Europe stands at the cusp of transformation, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to empowering businesses.

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