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December 11, 2023

Unlocking AI's Safety: atla Secures $5M to Pioneer AI Protocols

atla, the trailblazing AI guardian in the realms of safety, has triumphantly secured a $5 million lifeline in funding

In the ever-evolving saga of technological marvels, the development of Artificial Intelligence stands as a crowning achievement, akin to splitting the atom. However, navigating the realm of Large Language Models (LLMs) often leads to unpredictable outcomes, making trust a delicate commodity, especially in critical sectors. Enter atla, a Y-Combinator-backed AI safety startup that has successfully raised $5M in a Seed Round to revolutionize safety protocols for generative AI models, particularly in high-stakes domains such as law, finance, and medicine.

atla, headquartered in London and San Francisco, emerges fresh from Y Combinator’s accelerator batch, armed with a mission—to forge secure AI systems tailored for applications where errors could have profound consequences. With a strategic focus on legal, financial, and medical sectors, atla pioneers guardrails designed to enhance truthfulness, diminish harmful outcomes, and fortify the reliability of generative AI models.

The Seed Round, led by European early-stage investor Creandum, known for backing giants like Spotify and Klarna, injected vitality into atla's vision. Existing investors, including Y Combinator and Rebel Fund, joined forces. Rebel Fund boasts partnerships with luminaries like Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman and Cruise co-founder Daniel Kan.

atla's maiden technology manifestation materializes as an AI assistant, crafted in collaboration with legal teams at Volkswagen and N26. This AI marvel taps into atla’s research prowess, delivering synthesized answers rooted in trustable legal sources—a potent tool for legal inquiries.

Founded in January 2023, atla is the brainchild of Maurice Burger, an AI startup veteran with a Harvard detour into Computer Science, and Roman Engeler, blending research expertise from ETH Zurich and Stanford with leadership roles in Switzerland’s corporate venture builder-backed startups.

The $5M infusion is strategically earmarked for atla’s product development amplification and team expansion. The startup is actively recruiting technical talent, fortifying its London team as part of a robust growth strategy.

Maurice Burger articulates atla’s commitment to pioneering AI reliability, especially in high-stakes scenarios. The vision is to shape AI systems that consistently perform with dependability in critical situations. In his words, "At atla, we are committed to creating safer AI systems that are designed to perform reliably in high-stakes situations. We’re thrilled to onboard our new high-conviction partners, led by Creandum, to execute our vision and drive the adoption of safer AI systems."

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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