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August 8, 2023

Unveiling Startling Insights: Female Founders Speak Up on Investment Disparities

Cracking the VC Code: Unveiling gender bias, Breaking Barriers & Pain Points. Pink Salt's Survey Digs Deep

Pink Salt Ventures is a UK-based venture capital firm with a focus on empowering female founders. In the world of investment in female-founded companies, we uncover a series of thought-provoking statistics that might make for uncomfortable reading, especially for those who've turned a blind eye to the glaring gender disparities in the tech and startup ecosystem.

In a groundbreaking effort to shed light on the realities faced by female entrepreneurs, Pink Salt Ventures teamed up with Dr. Dana Kanze, a renowned expert in unraveling gender biases within venture capital. The survey, which featured insights from 90 dynamic female founders, pulled no punches in its quest to uncover the truths often left unspoken.

A stark 97% of respondents echoed a resounding agreement: there exists a profound difference in how investors perceive and treat male versus female founders. It is a revelation that exposes the underlying biases which continue to impede the progress of women-led ventures. As we peel back the layers, the heart of the matter becomes even clearer. A staggering 83% of those surveyed pinpointed a lack of female decision-makers as the primary obstacle hindering access to essential funding. The glass ceiling, it seems, extends its influence into the investment landscape.

Strikingly, 76% of participants believe that a significant hurdle lies in the lack of awareness surrounding what constitutes a venture capital-worthy business. This sentiment underscores the necessity of demystifying the criteria that govern the allocation of funds. Dr. Dana Kanze's involvement adds an invaluable layer of expertise, highlighting the urgent need to address gender bias within venture capital and rectify the misconceptions that have long plagued the industry.

Intriguingly, Pink Salt Ventures' genesis wasn't fueled by frustration, but rather by the recognition of the immense potential inherent in female-founded enterprises. Based in the bustling hub of London, the firm emerged not merely to counteract the scarcity of VC funding for women but to embrace the remarkable opportunities that these founders and their startups bring to the table.

Qassim, the visionary behind Pink Salt Ventures, approached the scene as an outsider, unfettered by the disheartening statistics that dominate the headlines. Her firsthand experience in founding a startup and her subsequent departure before the funding stage propelled her to see beyond the surface. "I came at it as an outsider, not aware of the funding statistics, just seeing a lot of amazing entrepreneurial activity, and then I got deeper into the space and saw all of the statistics - obviously, there's a massive 'on paper' opportunity," she reflects, encapsulating the catalytic force driving Pink Salt Ventures' mission.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of venture capital, Pink Salt Ventures' survey serves as a clarion call, demanding a shift in how we approach female-founded startups. The revelations underscore the imperative of promoting inclusivity within the investment realm. This journey is paved with challenges, but the fusion of Pink Salt Ventures' commitment to female entrepreneurs is a potent formula for change.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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