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Unveiling Wobble Genomics: £8.5M Funding Boost

Wobble Genomics, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, made headlines by securing £8.5 million in funding
March 8, 2024

Wobble Genomics, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, has just announced a significant milestone in its journey. The company has secured £8.5 million in funding to advance the commercialization of its groundbreaking technology.

Operating in stealth mode, Wobble has developed a pioneering method to detect previously imperceptible 'full-length' RNA molecules. This latest funding round catapults the company's total raised capital to over £10.5 million, marking a significant step forward in its mission.

While genetic sequencing has long been instrumental in unraveling cellular behavior, conventional techniques predominantly focus on DNA analysis. However, it is RNA molecules that ultimately dictate cellular responses in various contexts. Therefore, the ability to sequence RNA offers invaluable insights into cellular behavior.

Traditionally, RNA sequencing has posed significant challenges due to RNA's intricate molecular structure, instability, and the abundance of molecules. Conventional 'short read sequencing' techniques can only capture fragmented RNA sequences, overlooking critical information.

Wobble's breakthrough approach circumvents these hurdles, facilitating long-read sequencing, which allows for the comprehensive detection of full-length RNA molecules.

The potential applications of Wobble's technology are vast, spanning from pharmaceutical research and development to agricultural and ecological studies.

Dr. Richard Kuo, CEO of Wobble, expressed his enthusiasm for the future of genetic sequencing, stating, "The industry is transitioning from short-read to long-read sequencing, with long-read RNA sequencing emerging as a game-changer in biotechnology. We believe our solution will catalyze a new era of biotechnological innovations."

The funding round was led by Mercia Ventures and BGF, with participation from IQ Capital, EOS Advisors, and Old College Capital, the university's venture fund.

Lee Lindley from Mercia Ventures highlighted the transformative potential of Wobble's technology in precision medicine, underscoring its ability to enhance patient outcomes.

Jo Smart of BGF emphasized the revolutionary impact of Wobble's technology in cancer detection, heralding its potential to revolutionize early cancer diagnosis through RNA marker identification.

The future looks promising for Wobble Genomics as it continues to push the boundaries of genetic sequencing, guided by its commitment to unraveling the mysteries of RNA and ushering in a new era of biotechnological advancements.

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