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October 18, 2023

Upvest Raises €30 Million to Transform Investing in Europe

A Berlin-born innovator is causing a stir in the fintech world with its revolutionary plug-and-play API

Imagine a world where investing is as simple as swiping your card. Berlin-based startup Upvest is bringing that vision to life with a groundbreaking plug-and-play API that's set to revolutionize the investment landscape. Recently, they raised an impressive €30 million in funding, making waves in the fintech world and attracting big names like BlackRock.

In a significant deal, Upvest has partnered with investment giant BlackRock, known for backing successful companies like IDnow, Flexe, and AlphaSense. With this collaboration, Upvest is poised to expand its reach and broaden its offering to larger financial institutions. The mission is clear: to make investing more accessible for millions of people across Europe.

Upvest's Investment API is more than just a platform; it's a game-changer. It offers a diverse range of investment products, from stocks to ETFs, all available in nominal, portfolio, and fractional forms. The vision behind Upvest is simple: to make investing as effortless as everyday spending.

This Berlin-born tech innovator is all about empowering businesses to create tailored investment experiences for their customers. With some of Europe's leading fintech companies on board, Upvest collaborates with distributors aiming to streamline their digital investment infrastructure, reduce costs, simplify processes, and expand their horizons.

Upvest is the driving force behind enabling fintechs to build versatile investment products while adhering to strict European regulations. From crypto trading to fractional investing, Upvest provides the solutions that fintechs need to thrive in the evolving investment landscape.

Upvest holds BaFin licenses for securities, crypto brokerage, and custody. They've also formed strategic partnerships with major players like BNP Securities for custodial services and ABN Amro for payments. It's a testament to their commitment to creating a robust and secure investment ecosystem.

Timo Toenges, Head of iShares EMEA Digital Wealth Business at BlackRock, believes this partnership will reshape how millions of Europeans access markets, making investing more affordable and accessible. And Martin Kassing, Co-founder and CEO at Upvest, shares the same enthusiasm for this collaboration. Together with BlackRock's investment expertise, they're poised to elevate the investment game for financial institutions across Europe.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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