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September 29, 2023

Vega Secures $8.3 Million Investment to Transform Wealth Management

A pioneering wealthtech platform, securing a substantial $8.3 million in equity investment

London-based Vega is poised to revolutionize the world of wealth management after successfully raising $8.3 million in equity investment. The impressive funding round was led by prominent investors including Motive Ventures, Picus Capital (known for backing Axle, Nefta, and Solarize), Citi Ventures, and No Label Ventures. Notably, over 60 angel investors joined this financial journey, including senior partners from renowned investment firms like KKR, Blackstone, and Permira, as well as fintech leaders with extensive experience at firms such as N26, Trade Republic, and Klarna.

Emerging from stealth mode, Vega now stands ready to reshape the landscape of wealth management. The core objective is clear: to meet the evolving needs of a new generation of high-net-worth individuals with cutting-edge financial products and technological infrastructure.

Alexis Augier, the visionary founder and CEO of Vega, articulated the company's mission, stating, "Our goal is to provide a unified wealth management platform that transforms the experience for end-users while equipping advisors with institutional-grade solutions."

Alfonso Bauzá de Mirabó, co-founder, and COO of Vega, further emphasized the company's origins, driven by a desire to bridge the gap in sophistication between institutional and mass-market private wealth solutions. "Vega’s unique approach is powered by our team’s complementary skills across investing and technology," added Alfonso.

Ramin Niroumand, Head of Motive Ventures, shared insights into Vega's strategic positioning, highlighting the rebundling phase in the private wealth space. He expressed confidence in Vega's ability to bring successful wealth-creation methods to a broader audience through its innovative technology platform.

Robin Godenrath, Managing Director and Founding Partner at Picus Capital, commended Vega's commitment to democratizing previously inaccessible product categories for individual investors.

Vega's impressive team comprises former financial experts from renowned investment firms like Elliott, Blackstone, KKR, and Goldman Sachs, alongside product and engineering specialists from successful fintech scale-ups like Revolut and Trade Republic.

What sets Vega apart is its user-centric approach. Users gain access to a wide spectrum of investment options, spanning private asset classes such as private equity, venture capital, private credit, and real assets, as well as public equities, fixed income, and commodities.

Unlike legacy platforms with a single-fund focus, Vega leverages technology to construct diversified portfolios. These portfolios combine offerings from multiple leading alternative asset managers, empowering users to invest optimally in private markets while complementing their exposure with public asset classes—all on a single, streamlined platform.

Beyond investment products, Vega is committed to building an array of liquidity and financial planning solutions. These offerings will facilitate wealth advisors and their clients in unlocking liquidity from and optimizing the management of complex financial assets, further solidifying Vega's position as a game-changer in the wealth management arena.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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