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ViaNautis Secures $25M in Series A Funding to Propel Nanomedicine

ViaNautis, hailing from the vibrant city of Cambridge, secures a colossal $25 million in Series A funding
November 14, 2023

Breaking through the barriers of medical innovation, Cambridge-based ViaNautis has made waves in the tech and healthcare sectors by securing a substantial $25 million in Series A funding. Spearheaded by 4BIO CapitalBGF, and UCB Ventures, alongside contributions from notable entities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Eli Lilly and Company, the investment heralds a transformative chapter for ViaNautis. Formerly known as SomaServe, the company is not merely rebranding; it's revolutionizing the future of nanomedicine. Join us on this journey as we unravel the potential behind ViaNautis and its proprietary drug delivery platform, polyNaut®.

ViaNautis stands at the forefront, having raised $25 million to fuel its ambitious mission. The Series A funding is not just a financial infusion; it's an endorsement of ViaNautis's dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical possibilities. The investor lineup reads like a who's who of groundbreaking ventures, underscoring the significance of ViaNautis's endeavors in the world of genetic therapies.

ViaNautis, born out of UCL in 2018, is the brainchild of visionaries Dr Francesca Crawford, Dr Denis Cecchin, and Professor Giuseppe Battaglia. At its core is polyNaut®, a revolutionary drug delivery platform designed for targeted intracellular delivery. This versatile nano-engineered polymer technology acts as a bionic nanoparticle, enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of encapsulated molecules by directly delivering them to the cell cytoplasm. PolyNaut® tackles the challenges of transporting genetic materials, offering a novel approach to genetic medicines for conditions with critical unmet clinical needs, including Cystic Fibrosis and central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Beyond a funding milestone, the Series A investment marks a pivotal moment for ViaNautis. The rebranding from SomaServe is not just a change in name but a reflection of the company's evolution. The funds will be strategically employed to advance the polyNaut® platform, drive product development, expand scientific and management teams, and establish cutting-edge laboratory facilities. ViaNautis is not merely a recipient of funding; it's a torchbearer for innovation in the realm of nanomedicine.

As ViaNautis charts a course into uncharted territories of nanomedicine, the $25 million Series A funding stands as a testament to the immense promise of polyNaut® technology. With the backing of industry leaders and visionary investors, ViaNautis is set to redefine genetic therapies, offering hope for diseases that have long lacked effective treatment options.

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