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VR Innovator Moonhub Secures $1.4M Investment

This innovative VR training platform, Moonhub, just secured a whopping $1.4 million in funding
March 4, 2024

London's Moonhub, a pioneering virtual reality interactive training platform, announces a significant milestone today with a $1.4 million venture round led by Danish VC Unconventional Ventures. This round sees continued support from existing investors Pi Labs and Ada Ventures, marking a new chapter in Moonhub's journey.

Since its inception in 2016, Moonhub has been at the forefront of VR technology, offering immersive learning experiences coupled with analytical insights for organizations. By harnessing the power of digital simulation, Moonhub brings lifelike scenarios to life in sectors like facilities management, security, and social care, creating a secure, cost-effective, and resource-efficient 360-degree learning environment.

Moonhub's courses boast a remarkable 25% reduction in training completion time compared to traditional methods. Moreover, VR technology has been shown to enhance learning retention by an impressive 75%, far surpassing the 10% retention rate of traditional classroom training programs. Additionally, Moonhub's training minimizes skill fade by over 52%.

Speaking about the investment, Moonhub's CEO and founder, Dami Hastrup, expressed enthusiasm for the company's growth trajectory in 2024. With a vision to be the go-to immersive training leader, Moonhub aims to expand its presence across various sectors, including insurance, security, and social care, with its ELARA product.

Hastrup highlighted the profound impact of Moonhub's dementia care VR training, boasting a 98% approval rating and countless testimonials affirming its efficacy. This positive feedback underscores Moonhub's commitment to revolutionizing learning experiences and enhancing professionals' preparedness, connection, and sense of value.

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