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January 4, 2024

XConnect Seasoned Telecom Executive James Williams as VP of Business Development

James Williams steps into the role of Vice President of Business Development at XConnect, a standout provider

In a significant move aimed at fortifying its global footprint, XConnect, a leading provider of numbering intelligence solutions and a subsidiary of Somos Company, has appointed James Williams as its Vice President of Business Development. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years in the telecoms industry, Williams brings a wealth of expertise to the role, gleaned from his recent tenure as the Director of Programmes at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF). This strategic appointment reflects XConnect's commitment to expanding its reach across diverse geographies and market segments, solidifying its position as a trusted player in the telecoms ecosystem.

Williams' role at XConnect extends beyond a mere executive appointment; he is tasked with identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that will bolster support for voice, messaging, and identity & verification (ID&V) players worldwide. XConnect envisions leveraging his extensive experience to provide its clientele with trusted data sets and solutions, reinforcing its commitment to rebuilding trust in communications.

Eli Katz, CEO and Founder of XConnect, expressed enthusiasm about the addition of James Williams to their team. "It is a pivotal time for the telecoms industry as we work towards restoring trust in communications, and his extensive experience will add huge momentum to our mission," Katz stated. Williams' background aligns seamlessly with XConnect's vision, making him an invaluable addition to the team, ready to contribute to the industry's convergence and transformation.

James Williams, in discussing his decision to join XConnect, highlighted the company's alignment with his values and its mission to restore trust in communications. "XConnect is a great fit for me as a trusted player in the industry," Williams remarked. As the new VP of Business Development, he is poised to play a pivotal role in identifying new market opportunities and aligning XConnect's efforts with the latest industry trends.

As XConnect embarks on its global growth strategy for 2024, the appointment of James Williams underscores its dedication to driving validation and authentication in phone numbers. With a focus on empowering organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of fraud and routing challenges, XConnect aims to provide intelligent solutions that give its customers confidence in their communications operations. James Williams' wealth of experience positions him as a key player in advancing XConnect's mission and contributing to the broader messaging and communications industry. The strategic hire signals a new chapter for XConnect, as it continues to shape the future of trusted global communication solutions.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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