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October 26, 2023

xtype Secures $10.8 Million Funding to Revolutionize Enterprise ServiceNow

In a recent financing coup, xtype, a dynamic software delivery firm hailing from the innovation hub of California

California-based xtype, a software delivery company, has secured a significant infusion of funds in its latest financing round led by prominent investors Columbia Capital and Innerloop Capital. This successful funding round also featured enthusiastic participation from SaaS Ventures and other committed investors, collectively raising the company's financial backing to a robust $10.8 million.

This fresh investment is set to serve as a potent catalyst for xtype's forthcoming phase of expansion and innovation. It will enable broader adoption of their technology within enterprise domains, fortify their technical support capabilities, and pave the way for further enhancements to their product offerings.

The newfound capital injection positions the startup to significantly enhance its capacity for driving innovation, all while catering to the distinct requirements of large global enterprises that rely on the robust ServiceNow platform.

At present, many ServiceNow teams grapple with the challenge of environmental inconsistency, which acts as a stumbling block to their agile development. With xtype, a firm co-founded by the accomplished Ron Gidron, the ServiceNow platform becomes a bastion of agile development, providing native ServiceNow solutions that are primed for any level of demand, marked by unparalleled speed, reliability, and compliance.

xtype's ingenious deployment and release automation platform serve to dramatically bolster enterprises' ability to introduce fresh features and applications onto the ServiceNow platform. By uniting modern DevOps practices with cutting-edge automation and synchronization technology, this platform enhances the productivity of development teams, minimizes errors, and reduces the need for escalation.

With xtype, application releases are seamlessly automated, and new versions can be deployed at the click of a button, paving the way for the adoption of a Continuous Delivery approach. Furthermore, the platform offers a comprehensive, real-time command and control center for an organization's ServiceNow ecosystem, acting as a vital gatekeeper that keeps unwanted changes from infiltrating a release.

To date, xtype has established fruitful collaborations with organizations ranging from Zurich Insurance and Heineken to major international banks and tech giants on a global scale.

Ron Gidron, the co-founder and CEO of xtype, conveyed his enthusiasm regarding this latest funding achievement, emphasizing its endorsement of the game-changing solutions xtype has introduced to the ServiceNow ecosystem. This financial boost further empowers the company to fast-track its pace of innovation, expand its reach, and continually provide unrivaled value to its ever-growing client base.

Justin Label, Managing Director of Innerloop Capital, echoed this enthusiasm, expressing strong confidence in xtype's trajectory and commitment to supporting its ongoing growth and its exceptional product offering.

Collin Gutman, Managing Partner of SaaS Ventures, underscored the exceptional alignment between xtype and ServiceNow's customers, acknowledging the magnitude of the problem xtype adeptly solves and the remarkable quality of its team.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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