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Atal Solutions, PMC Launch Cutting-Edge Pune Hospital

Atal Solutions, in collaboration with REL, Dutch Health, and PMC, with an ambitious project for healthcare in Pune
July 3, 2024

Atal Solutions, in collaboration with REL, Dutch Health, and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), is set to embark on an ambitious project to revolutionize healthcare in Pune, India. This €40 million initiative aims to establish a 375-bed multi-speciality hospital that integrates advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions with traditional healthcare services. Scheduled to commence in July 2024, this project promises to significantly enhance healthcare delivery in the region.

Financed by ODDO BHF with credit insurance from Atradius Dutch State Business, the hospital will be equipped with a modern ICT infrastructure to improve efficiency and quality of care. This groundbreaking facility will not only provide top-tier healthcare services but also serve as a model for integrating technology into healthcare management.

Han Bartelds, Chief Commercial Officer at Atal Solutions, highlighted the project's dual focus on sustainability and socio-economic development. "Healthcare is a fundamental right, yet acquiring state-of-the-art equipment can be costly. This partnership allows us to advance socio-economic goals while prioritizing sustainability in the development of this hospital," Bartelds said.

The project is poised to have a significant economic impact, boosting Dutch exports of healthcare equipment and services, and creating approximately 10,000 new jobs in Pune. It also has the potential to elevate healthcare standards and position Pune as a hub for medical tourism. The successful tender process and collaboration with PMC underscore the strong international partnership and commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare.

Atal Solutions' established presence in India and PMC’s local expertise were crucial in securing the tender for this project. This partnership is expected to pave the way for further collaborations, including plans for four additional hospitals across India.

Subrahmanyam Yadavalli, who leads Atal Solutions in India, emphasized the importance of affordable healthcare infrastructure in a rapidly growing economy. "Access to innovative financing for world-class health infrastructure is a game-changer for India. This initiative by PMC is groundbreaking, and at Atal India, we are committed to impactful initiatives that enhance social inclusion and improve quality of life," Yadavalli stated.

Located in Pune, a city of 7.4 million people, the new hospital will be a key addition to the region's healthcare infrastructure. REL, alongside PMC, will oversee the project, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of care and technology.

This significant endeavor not only aims to transform healthcare in Pune but also sets a precedent for future projects, demonstrating how international collaboration and innovative financing can drive substantial improvements in healthcare delivery.

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