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Austria's Piur Imaging secures €4.9M to expand 3D ultrasound in the US

Transform ultrasound with Piur Imaging's AI-driven analysis for operator-independent efficiency
July 18, 2023

Vienna-based Piur Imaging, a pioneering medical device company, is revolutionizing ultrasound with its cutting-edge tomographic 3D ultrasound solution. The company's remarkable offering, PIUR tUS Infinity, combines AI-based image analysis and asynchronous remote diagnostics to enhance ultrasound capabilities, making it more efficient and reducing dependence on operator skills.

Ultrasound is a crucial diagnostic tool for various diseases, offering cost-efficiency, safety, and exceptional soft tissue and blood vessel imaging capabilities. However, traditional ultrasound imaging relies on 2D images of complex 3D structures, leading to challenges in accurate volumetric measurements and diagnosis variability. Piur Imaging addresses these limitations with its advanced technology, capturing high-resolution 3D volumes and providing clinical applications for semi-automatic data analysis.

To further propel its groundbreaking innovation, Piur Imaging has secured €4.9 million in a Series A funding round, with Ascend Capital Partners leading the investment and Aescuvest joining as a new shareholder. This substantial funding will drive crucial developments, including a major software update and a second-generation sensor, to enhance device performance and usability. Additionally, Piur Imaging aims to expand its R&D efforts and strengthen its commercial team.

With a strong presence in Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, Piur Imaging is committed to furthering its growth in these markets. Moreover, the company is eager to establish relationships in the United States, pending regulatory clearance. As Piur Imaging continues to redefine ultrasound technology, it empowers healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and provides an invaluable tool for improved patient care worldwide.

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