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August 9, 2023

KetoSwiss Unveils Innovative Solution for Migraine Relief: MigraKet

With substantial funding and an eye toward expanding its impact, KetoSwiss is a name to watch in the realm of biotechnology

While it might be new to most of us, one Swiss biotech start-up is taking a unique approach to migraine relief through the power of food. This revolutionary 'dietary-preventive therapy' is poised to provide a much-needed solution for migraine sufferers, backed by clinical testing and patent protection.

Central to KetoSwiss's mission is developing MigraKet, an ingenious migraine relief solution marketed under the Brain Ritual brand. What sets MigraKet apart is its blend of essential micronutrients and macronutrients, including the brain's preferred fuel source - human identical ketone bodies. These elements work harmoniously to provide an innovative approach to combating migraines, offering potential relief to those who have long sought an effective remedy.

Fueling their vision with an impressive $4.8 million in funding, KetoSwiss is poised to drive production and bring MigraKet to the forefront of the market. This significant investment marks the second phase of their Pre-series A financing round, underscoring investors' confidence in the potential of MigraKet. As KetoSwiss propels its pioneering product toward the public, it's evident that its commitment to migraine relief is both relentless and well-supported.

KetoSwiss is not content with just addressing migraines; the company has ambitious plans to broaden its scope and impact. With a visionary perspective, KetoSwiss aims to extend its portfolio to encompass other neurological conditions characterized by metabolic dysfunction, including the formidable Alzheimer's Disease. This forward-thinking approach positions the company as a potential catalyst for transformative advancements in neurological wellness.

In a world where innovative solutions are constantly sought after, KetoSwiss emerges as a beacon of promise with MigraKet.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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